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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Food Security

农业部:储藏不当每年损失500亿斤粮食 (Ministry of Agriculture: 25mil Tons of Grain Loss Annually Due to Improper Storage)
Qianlong, July 5, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

除了聚众,还能有什么维权渠道? (What Options Are Available to Protect Rights Other than Public Gatherings?)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 4, 2012

李旺阳律师与家人失联系 (Li Wangyang's Lawyer Loses Contact with Li's Family)
Ming Pao, July 4, 2012

Land Policy

拆迁征地信息属“国家机密”? 成都太平村农民再告区政府 (Chengdu Villagers Sue District Gov't for Info after Land Demolition Info Is Deemed Classified)
Radio Free Asia, July 4, 2012


15学者上书全国人大 建言修法放开生育限制 (15 Scholars Appeal to National People's Congress to Lighten Restrictions on Number of Children)
Caixin, July 5, 2012

Public Health

AIDS Victims Sue for Compensation
Radio Free Asia, July 4, 2012

State Security

China Leader Urges Resistance against Western Forces
Agence France-Presse, July 4, 2012


China, Vatican Spar over Ordination of Bishop
‎The Associated Press, July 4, 2012