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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bilateral Ties

克林顿警告网络公司勿协助强权 (US Sec of State Clinton to Internet Companies: Don't Help Suppress Information)
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 09, 2011


'One Third of Chinese Toys Contain Heavy Metals'
The Daily Telegraph, December 08, 2011

Hong Kong

ICAC Steps Up War on Ballot Rigging
South China Morning Post, December 09, 2011

Human Rights Defenders - Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波)

Nobel Winners Urge China to Release Liu Xiaobo
Associated Press, December 09, 2011
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Freedom of Expression on Trial in China
China Rights Forum, 2010, no. 1


Collective Wage Talks Promoted
China Daily, December 09, 2011


中国被监禁的记者人数之多居世界第三 (China no. 3 in Most Imprisoned Journalists Worldwide)
Radio Free Asia, December 08, 2011

Protests and Petitions

防暴警鎮壓工人討薪 (Zhejiang: Riot Police Suppress Protest for Back Pay at Furniture Factory)
Ming Pao, December 09, 2011


实地报道:中国大陆媒体在台湾 (On-site Report: Mainland Media in Taiwan)
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 08, 2011


17th Karmapa Charged in India over Illegal Currency
New York Times, December 08, 2011

Bilateral Ties

新聞自由Vs.國安 美劇內地引共鳴 (American Play on Conflict between Free Press and Nat'l Security Resonates in China)
Ming Pao, December 08, 2011

Civil Society

Individual Donations to Red Cross Plunge on Scandals
Shanghai Daily, December 08, 2011

Death Penalty

China Executes Filipino Convicted on Drug Charges
Associated Press, December 08, 2011


China's Pollution, a Toxic Issue
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 07, 2011

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Silent on Editor Visa
Radio Free Asia, December 07, 2011

Migrant Workers

Young Migrant Workers Not Well Adapted in City
China Daily, December 08, 2011


调查显示北京、上海生活费用贵过香港 (Survey: Beijing and Shanghai Living Costs Higher than Hong Kong)
Southern Metropolis Daily, December 08, 2011


台灣‧想感受總統大選情景‧新疆偷渡客被逮 (Xinjiang Man Detained after Rowing from Fujian to Taiwan to "Observe Taiwanese Elections")
Sin Chew Daily, December 08, 2011


Beijing Won't Let Up on the Dalai Lama
South China Morning Post, December 08, 2011