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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

DAILY NEWS BRIEF FOR November 16, 2004

Top news of the day

Protests and petitions
Police on hunt for instigators of huge riot in Guangdong
SCMP, November 16, 2004


Children – Child labour
Investigate child labour cases
追查童工 人去厂空
Nanfang Daily, November 16, 2004

Guangdong police check out child labour in garment factories after dark
Nanfang City News, November 16, 2004

Death penalty
3 drug traffickers sentenced in Anhui, November 15, 2004

Labour – employment / labour market
Cheap labour no more in China in 10 years
10年後 中國勞力不再廉價
WenWeiPao, November 16, 2004

Labour – law
Pay wages on time or else, bosses warned
SCMP, November 16, 2004

Land policy
New policies to ease pain of land loss
SCMP, November 16, 2004

Protection of debtors' basic living standards to be enshrined in law
SCMP, November 16, 2004

Law – court reform/system
Shenzhen adopts witness protection scheme
Nanfang City News, November 16, 2004

Media – press freedom
Greater freedom or stricter controls over China’s media?
Voice of America, November 15, 2004

Township deputy chief sues media for degrading image
Nanfang City News, November 16, 2004

Public health
University runs checks on reluctant blood donors
SCMP, November 16, 2004

Poor public health conditions in poverty stricken areas
贫困地区的医疗困境, November 16, 2004

Public health – HIV aids
Survey finds 20,000 more HIV carriers in Henan, November 16, 2004-11-16

Eviction law no protection for Beijing neighbourhood
SCMP, November 16, 2004

Others – Xinjiang

Rights activists and Urghurs participate in New York conference
Voice of America, November 15, 2004