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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 2, 2006

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender - Public Intellectual - Dolma Kyab (卓玛嘉因)
Commentary Manuscript Lands Tibetan Youth Ten Years in Prison
Tibetan Centre for Human Rights & Democracy, August 01, 2006
The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy has recently confirmed that the 10-year prison sentence handed down to Tibetan Dolma Kyab (卓玛嘉因) in September of last year was upheld by the Lhasa People's Intermediate Court on November 30, 2005. Dolma Kyab was convicted on charges of “endangering state security” for writing a manuscript called "Himalaya on Stir," which includes 57 essays on democracy, the sovereignty of Tibet, and other issues.

专家:惩治经济犯罪应靠健全制度 (Experts Find Healthy System Necessary for Punishing Economic Crimes)
Voice of America, August 02, 2006

中共干部换届买官卖官猖獗受关注 (Concern Grows over Buying and Selling of Official Positions as CPC Holds Local Elections)
Voice of America, August 01, 2006

Death Penalty
恶子不满管教弑父 胁迫母亲帮助埋尸 (Son Sentenced to Death with Two-year Reprieve for Murdering Father)
Xinhuanet, August 02, 2006

300b Yuan Bid to Boost Water Flow from West
SCMP, August 02, 2006

全国七成城市缺水 (70 Percent of China's Cities Have Water Shortage)
Ming Pao, August 02, 2006

Beijing Takes Steps to Revive Yellow River
Financial Times, August 02, 2006

Green Watchdog Extends Its Reach
SCMP, August 02, 2006

Setback in Drive to Improve Energy Efficiency
SCMP, August 02, 2006

Tightening Control over Provinces Is Not Enough
SCMP, August 02, 2006

Despite Small Successes, China Struggles to Contain Spreading Deserts
Voice of America, July 31, 2006

China to Keep on with Fight Against Selective Abortions
Xinhuanet, August 01, 2006

Profits Squeeze Expected to Hamper Job Creation
SCMP, August 02, 2006

Land Policy
Displaced Villagers Get Apology from Mayor
SCMP, August 02, 2006

暴力拆迁曝光江阴宣传部长免职 (Official Sacked as Report on Forced Eviction Revealed)
Radio Free Asia, August 01, 2006

China Cracks Down on Foreign Investors in Web Portals, E-commerce
SCMP, July 28, 2006

深圳市城管队员:被扒裤很受伤 (Shenzhen Officers Allege Battery and Humiliating Treatment by District Officers)
Nanfang Daily, August 02, 2006

分析:中国或出现经济民族主义? (Analysts Believe "Economic Nationalism" May Arise in China)
Voice of America, July 31, 2006

中国贫富悬殊大到多数人无法接受 (Majority of Interviewees State That Widening Wealth Gap Has Reached a Critical Point)
Voice of America, August 01, 2006

Two Chinese Villages, Two Views of Rural Poverty
Washington Post, August 01, 2006

Protests and Petitions
湖北随州民办教师上访 () (Over 200 Private School Teachers Petition at Local Government Building in Hubei (Part 2))
Radio Free Asia, August 01, 2006

杭州官员证实强拆教堂逮捕两居民 (Two Arrested in Church Demolition Clash in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province)
Voice of America, August 01, 2006

四川陕西发生暴力拆迁 (Forced Evictions Turn Violent in Sichuan and Shaanxi)
Radio Free Asia, August 01, 2006

China Taps Tibetan Waters
International Herald Tribune, August 01, 2006