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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October, 5, 2005

Top News of the Day

Human Rights - Human rights defenders
RFA: rights activist Guo Feihong formally charged by Pangu PSB after Taishi villagers give up removing village chief
Radio Free Asia via Peacehall, 05/10/2005

Guangdong Panyu authority has informed the lawyer of the detained activist Guo Feihong, that Guo has been formally charged. Police has yet to revealed the charge and rejected Guo's application for a bail.


Death Penalty
A wrongfully convicted death penalty case reveals China's inadequate prosecution system
从一例死刑冤案看执法黑幕, 05/10/2005

Death row revisited
The Standard, 05/10/2005


Villager sentenced to death with reprieve for setting fire in forests
The Beijing News, 05/10/2005

Women chase cheating spouses in Chengdu, China, 02/10/2005


Human Rights-Human rights defenders/Population-One-child policy
Blind Social Activist, Lawyers Beaten in China
Radio Free Asia, 04/10/2005

Labor-Industrial accidents
Five die in explosion at Xinjiang coal mine
SCMP, 05/10/2005

Labor-Work safety / conditions
Mine Safety Bureau to publish a safety manual for mine worker
People's Daily, 05/10/2005

Labor-Work safety / conditions/Corruption
Mining accidents scandals reveal corrupted links between officials and state-owned
mining companies
官煤勾結 觸目驚心, 05/10/2005

Labor-Work safety / conditions

Poor management blamed for mine blast
China Daily, 05/10/2005

Internet users over a 100 million in China
中国网民突破一亿人, 05/10/2005

China shuts three Internet websites in new crackdown (China Section), 04/10/2005

2008 Olympics Games will create 1.8 million employment opportunities in Beijing, according to research
研究显示:奥运会将为北京提供180万个就业岗位 (China), 05/10/2005

Poverty-Rural poverty/Rural Issues
Peasants pessimistic on rise in income
Radio Free Asia, 04/10/2005

Public Health
For the sick, it's con artists or the queue
SCMP, 05/10/2005

Low-paid doctors say they are squeezed from all sides
SCMP, 05/10/2005

Ailing health system needs urgent care
SCMP, 05/10/2005

Public Health-HIV AIDS /STDs

China bans AIDs patients to join the Army
Wen Wei Po, 05/10/2005

Xinjiang/State Security-Terrorism
Analysis: Sino-US responses on terrorist threat in Xinjiang
分析:東突宣戰,美中應對 (Chinese), 04/10/2005