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Thursday, April 05, 2007

April 5, 2007


Second land official under scrutiny as pension woes widen
SCMP, April 05, 2007

Senior Party official stresses anti-corruption
Xinhuanet, April 05, 2007

Economic Development
Monetary strategy under review as investments threaten to rebound
SCMP, April 05, 2007

NASDAQ to launch China Index
People's Daily, April 05, 2007

China committed to fighting illiteracy
People's Daily, April 05, 2007

Paper giant accused of illegal China logging
CCTV International, April 05, 2007

China launches first gay TV show
BBC, April 05, 2007

Trafficking of Rural Women, Children Increasing in China
Voice of America, April 05, 2007

vows to reduce gov't expenditure by 10%
Xinhuanet, April 05, 2007

Glory without pay for answering Mao's call
SCMP, April 05, 2007

Land Policy
'Nail House' Stories Fire Up Chinese Netizens
Radio Free Asia, April 05, 2007

No more money-for-coverage
AP (via YahooNews), April 05, 2007;_


Migrant Workers
Beijing offers free vaccinations to migrant workers
Xinhuanet, April 05, 2007

Olympic security spending to be lower in Beijing than at other Games
People's Daily, April 05, 2007

Suggestions pour into NPC on draft employment law

April 05, 2007

Public Health
China must do more to prevent occupational diseases
China Daily, April 05, 2007

China not investing enough to fight AIDS - experts
Reuters Alert Net, April 05, 2007

Officials plan to crack down on Guangdong's thriving blood trade
SCMP, April 05, 2007

Trial medical insurance scheme urged in cities
SCMP, April 05, 2007

Rural Issues
Firms embark on Long March to China's interior

Reuters (via YahooNews), April 05, 2007;_


Rural Chinese kids face trafficking risk
AP (via YahooNews), April 05, 2007;_


Upwardly mobile
SCMP, April 05, 2007

Chinese "can't afford to die" as funeral costs soar
Reuters Alert Net, April 05, 2007;_


Uyghurs in Forced Labor To Grow China’s Almonds
Radio Free Asia, April 05, 2007