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Monday, June 03, 2013

Censorship and Surveillance

China Internet 'Experiment' Called 'Censorship at its Worst' as Tiananmen Anniversary Nears
South China Morning Post, June 01, 2013


山东已有留守儿童超60万人 14岁以下占86.5% (86.5% of Shandong’s 600,000 “Left-Behind” Children are Under 14)
China National Radio, June 01, 2013

探访临终关怀婴儿房:部分医院称可对患儿安乐死 (Some Hospitals Euthanize Children Facing Terminal Illness at Parents’ Request)
Outlook, June 03, 2013

专家称我国儿童专供药物品种不足2% 存安全隐患 (Pediatric Medicine Accounts for Less Than 2% of Total)
Beijing Business Today, June 02, 2013

Consumer Safety

Chinese Smithfield Takeover Comes with Added Warnings for U.S. Food Safety
The Guardian, May 31, 2013


90 pct Chinese Parents Support Sex Education
Xinhua News Agency, June 03, 2013


人大代表钟南山:初步认为雾霾会导致肺癌 (Respiratory Disease Expert Warns Smog Can Cause Lung Cancer)
Qilu Evening News, June 03, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

Chen Guangcheng Courted by U.S. Institutions with Opposing Views
Financial Times, June 02, 2013

Intellectual Property Rights

国内多地出现造型各异“大黄鸭” 被指山寨 (Unlicensed Imitations of HK “Yellow Duck” Installation Proliferate in Chinese Cities)
China News Service, June 02, 2013

International Relations (Human Rights, Security, Trade and Investment)

China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom
The New York Times, June 03, 2013

June Fourth

Tiananmen Mothers Activist Ding Zilin Calls for Understanding from Hong Kong
South China Morning Post, June 03, 2013

China Should 'Repudiate June 4', Says Party Official Jailed over Tiananmen
South China Morning Post, June 03, 2013

Chinese Activists Call on People to Wear Black
South China Morning Post, June 03, 2013

美国政府促中国停止迫害六四参与者 (U.S. Urges China to Stop Persecuting June Fourth Participants)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 01, 2013

Message on the Twenty-Fourth Anniversary of Tiananmen Square
US State Department, May 31, 2013

U.S. Call for Full Tiananmen Massacre Disclosure Angers China
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 01, 2013

每年絕食 六四當事人:有些事還沒完 (1989 Protest Participant Says June Fourth is Not Yet Resolved)
Ming Pao, June 03, 2013

六四前夕打压不断升级 香港学联开展绝食活动 (Crackdowns Escalate in Mainland on Eve of June Fourth, HK Students Stage Hunger Strike in Commemoration)
Radio Free Asia, June 02, 2013

华盛顿举办六四24周年烛光纪念会 (Chinese Organization Holds June Fourth Candlelight Vigil in D.C.)
Radio Free Asia, June 02, 2013


Dehui Poultry Plant Fire: Locked Exits 'Blocked Escape'
吉林火灾逾百人死 相关责任人被控制
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 03, 2013

东莞14岁童工猝死,中国童工现象杜绝不了? (Guangdong Worker Found to be Only 14 after Sudden Death)
Radio Free Asia, June 03, 2013


我国流失顶尖人才数量居世界首位 (China’s “Brain Drain” is World’s Worst)
Xinhua News Agency, June 03, 2013


武汉拟对未婚妈妈罚款引争议 (Wuhan’s Plan to Fine Unmarried Mothers Prompts Controversy)
Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, June 02, 2013


China’s Economic Empire
The New York Times, June 01, 2013