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Thursday, May 19, 2005

May 19, 2005

Top news of the day

Detention - ZhaoYan (趙岩 ) and Li Changqing (李長青)
Right activists yet to meet lawyers since detention for months
It is reported that right activists ZhaoYan (趙岩 ) and Li Changqing (李長青), who are under charges of “leaking state secret” and “planning subversive activities” respectively, have yet to meet their lawyers since detention. Zhao has been detained for eight months and Li for three months., May 19, 2005


Death Penalty
Fake wine-seller sentenced to death by Guangzhou court
广州“毒酒”案 首犯一审被判死刑, May 19, 2005

Detention-Jiang Weiping (姜维平)
Rights activist Jiang Weiping heath problem deteriorates as no proper medical treatment provided in prison
Voice of America, May 18, 2005

“Compensation for ecological damage” needs support from civil society
China Youth Daily, May 19, 2005

Chinese women bosses: long hours don't hurt kids
The Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2005

Collective labour dispute cases rise by 72.7% last year
China Youth Daily, May 19, 2005

Labour-Industrial accidents
51 missing in coal mine explosion in Chengde city, Hebei
河北承德國有地方礦瓦斯爆炸 51名礦工生死不明
CRI Online, May 19, 2005

Law - Legal reform
Some doubts on the intention to invite professionals and academics as people’s jurors
China Youth Daily, May 19, 2005

Media – Internet / Gender – sexuality
Website for gays blocked
SCMP, May 19, 2005

Population Policies-Urbanization
China pledges sustainable urbanization, May 18, 2005

Four major measures to promote pro-poor economic growth
我国将采取4大措施促进“有利于穷人经济增长”, May 18, 2005

Don't forget the poor, premier tells forum
SCMP, May 19, 2005

Public health - HIV Aids
Companies in China urged to help HIV carriers
China Daily, May 18, 2005

Rural Issues - Taxation
Financial aid needed for rural democracy
China Daily, May 19, 2005

Society - Ethnic minority
More help for ethnic minorities with small population, May 18, 2005

Hong Kong
Falun Gong newspaper wins reprieve
SCMP, May 19, 2005