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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22, 2009


China to Allow 2,700 Muslims to Visit Mecca: Report
Agence France-Presse (via Yahoo! News), July 21, 2009

China Expected to See Zero Population Growth by 2030: Expert
Xinhua News Agency, July 22, 2009

Internet Censorship
Popular Websites Closed over Reports on Inquiry into Graft
Associated Press (via South China Morning Post), July 22, 2009

多个网站关于严晓玲案消息被删 当局持续威胁家人 (Several Websites with News Related to Yan Xiaoling's Case Are Closed, Authorities Continue to Threaten Family Members)
Radio Free Asia, July 21, 2009

中国高院院长近一半党政出身 无司法经历 (Nearly Half of High Court Judges Are Party Officials with No Judicial Training)
Radio Free Asia, July 21, 2009

Related information:
统计称全国高院院长近一半系党政领导出身 (Statistics Show that almost Half of SPC Heads are Party Officials)
Chengdu Economic Daily (via Dezhou Daily), July 20, 2009

Disabled People's Right to Drive Sparks Heated Discussion in China
Xinhua News Agency, July 22, 2009

信息公开“年考”观察:不够理想 法律瓶颈待解 (Open Government Initiative "Annual Review": Legal Bottleneck Remains Unresolved)
Xinhua News Agency, July 20, 2009

Protests and Petitions
山东潍坊约百名退伍军人到天安门被截 (Around 100 Retired Soldier Petitioners from Shandong Intercepted en Route to Tiananmen)
Radio Free Asia, July 22, 2009

中国邮政内退职工集体呼吁酝酿赴京上访 (Former Postal Workers Plan A Mass Petition in Beijing)
Radio Free Asia, July 21, 2009

重庆数千拆迁户不满还建房 多方抗议 (Thousands of Resettled Homeowners in Chongqing Protest Due to Dissatisfaction over Problems with New Homes under Construction)
Radio Free Asia, July 21, 2009

产妇上访遭拘押  两婴儿成为狱中“小萝卜头” (Pregnant Petitioners Detained, Give Birth in Detention)
Radio Free Asia, July 21, 2009

China Blames Separatists, Not Policies, for Riots
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), July 21, 2009

Beijing's Ethnic Policy Faces Data Challenge
Wall Street Journal, July 22, 2009

国家民委:少数民族考生享有加分等优惠政策不会改变 (State Ethnic Affairs Commission: Affirmative Action Policy for Minority Students Will Not Change)
Xinhua News Agency, July 21, 2009