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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


毒液流东江 上游禁取水 (Halt Called to Drawing Water from Pearl River Tributary due to Pollution)
Ming Pao, July 3, 2012

Hong Kong

Press Freedom 'Will Decline' on C.Y.'s Watch
South China Morning Post, July 3, 2012

梁甫上任 游行人数第三高 民阵:40万 警方:6.3万 (July 1 Protests at Third Highest - Organizers Estimate 400K - as CY Leung Signed in as Chief Executive)
Ming Pao, July 2, 2012

For photos of the demonstration, see:
2012 七一大遊行 (Hong Kong's 2012 Establishment Day March)
HRIC, July 1, 2012

胡锦涛访港 一苹果日报记者被短暂拘禁 (Apple Daily Reporter Detained after Asking Hu Jintao Question on 1989 Tiananmen Incident)
Central News Radio, June 30, 2012


China Blocks Access to Bloomberg and Businessweek Sites
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 29, 2012

地方官菸灭记者 陆中央挺媒体 (Beijing Voices Support for Media as Shaanxi Journalist Suspended after Report on Officials' Use of Luxury Cigarettes)
Wang Daily, July 3, 2012

No Power for Media, No Power for Citizens
China Media Project, July 3, 2012

North Korea

China Hires Tens of Thousands of North Korea Guest Workers
Los Angeles Times, July 1, 2012


New Rule Protects Prisoners' Rights
Xinhua News Agency, June 30, 2012

监狱和劳动教养机关人民警察违法违纪行为处分规定 (Regulations on Disciplinary Actions for Violations of the Law and Disciplinary Rules by Police in Prisons and Reeducation-Through-Labor Organs
Ministry of Justice et al, May 21, 2012

“维稳沙皇”周永康呼吁结束酷刑 ("Security Tsar" Zhou Yongkang Calls for End to Torture)
Deutsche Welle, July 2, 2012,,16065252,00.html

深入开展政法干警核心价值观教育实践活动 为政法事业发展进步提供更加有力思想保证
Qiushi, July 1, 2012

Protests and Petitions

川震灾区万人示威逼停铜厂 (Sichuan: Copper Plant Suspended after 10K Protest)
Ming Pao, July 3, 2012

Protests over Copper Plant in Shifang, Sichuan Turn Violent
Shanghaiist, July 3, 2012