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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Xinjiang (新疆)

Beijing Plans a Slow Genocide in Xinjiang
Foreign Policy, June 8, 2021

Access to Justice (司法公正)

中国民主党人、自由撰稿人吕耿松狱中健康恶化 (Committee to Protect Journalists urges China to release freelance writer Lü Gengsong in deteriorating health)
Radio Free Asia, June 8, 2021

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong’s justice sec. denies ‘upsurge’ in resignations from Dep’t of Justice
Hong Kong Free Press, June 9, 2021

The Standard, June 9, 2021

【反抗運動兩周年】網民號召 6.12 銅鑼灣聚集 消息:部署逾千警力應對(Netizens call for gathering in Causeway Bay on June 12 to mark 2nd anniversary of Anti-ELAB movement)
Stand News, June 9, 2021

Hong Kong TV watchdog defends warning given to public broadcaster RTHK, and calls judicial challenge ‘overdramatised’
South China Morning Post, June 8, 2021

港大閉門會議討論《國安法》 傅景華:教職員對條例有憂慮 促港大公布保障員工措施(HKU Assoc. Professor Fu King-wa says teaching staff is worried about security law, urges university to announce protective measures))
Stand News, June 9, 2021

Hong Kong lawmakers to be fined HK$3,400 for skipping Legislative Council meetings under proposed rule changes
South China Morning Post, June 8, 2021

Two new paths to permanent residence launched for Hongkongers in Canada as minister cites ‘deteriorating human rights situation’
Hong Kong Free Press, June 9, 2021

6.9香港反送中抗争2周年 张昆阳吁阻拦习近平连任 (On the 2nd anniv. of Hong Kong anti-extradition protests, activist Sunny Cheung urges blocking Xi Jinping from another term in office)
Radio Free Asia, June 9, 2021

Government Accountability (政府问责)

US Senate passes broad US$250 billion legislation to counter and compete with China
South China Morning Post, June 9, 2021

China accuses US of 'paranoid delusion' over huge innovation Bill
Agence France-Presse, June 9, 2021

European businesses express alarm over China’s anti-sanctions law that could turn companies into ‘sacrificial pawns’
South China Morning Post, June 9, 2021

Australian PM calls for WTO reform as tensions with China mount
Reuters, June 9, 2021

中国酝酿《反外国制裁法》 应对美国“工具箱”的四个看点 (4 takeaways from China's looming anti-foreign sanctions law)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 9, 2021

Commentary (评论)

Beijing’s Tried-and-Tested Plan to Hollow out Hong Kong’s legislature
The Diplomat, June 9, 2021

當光亮成為一種罪名 (When lighting a light becomes a crime)
The News Lens, June 9, 2021