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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

May 14-17, 2005

Top news of the day

Police – Re-education through labour
UN rights committee urges ban on forced labour
SCMP, May 15, 2005
The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights urged the Chinese government to abolish forced labour and to allow independent trade union in the mainland after reviewing China’s progress in advancing human rights in the country.

Exiled Muslim's business raided in Xinjiang
SCMP, May 15, 2005
It is reported that four employees of Rebiya Kadeer’s company in Xinjiang were beaten up and detained. The government has yet to comment on the incident.


Children – Abuse
Survey shows worrying extent of child abuse, May 17, 2005

Beijing in gambling crackdown on corrupt officials
SCMP, May 16, 2005

Death Penalty – Hou Jianjun (侯建軍)
Former Liaoning NPC member sentenced to death for dangerous driving
原辽宁人大代表侯建军故意撞死人判死刑, May 14, 2005

Death Penalty
Attention to “expert review” interfering court verdicts
China Youth Daily, May 17, 2005

Economic Development
Hu vows to push role of economy in globalisation
SCMP, May 17, 2005

Turbocharged tuition for children a hit with parents
SCMP, May 16, 2005

Education - Basic education
A struggle to learn
L.A. Daily News, May 14, 2005,1413,200~20954~28698

Compensation for ecological damage is an issue of social justice
China Youth Daily, May 17, 2005

Environment / law
Villagers to hire lawyer in fight over factories
SCMP, May 14, 2005

More jobs for women than in US, study finds
SCMP, May 17, 2005

Tying with employment policy lies in the heart of the problem of hukou policy, yet abandonment of hukou system may not help much
专家称户籍不能轻言取消 与就业政策挂钩是症结, May 16, 2005

Labour-Industrial Accidents
Shanxi gas blast kills at least 14 miners
The Standard, May 16, 2005

Are 11 years worth only 260,000 yuan?
SCMP, May 14, 2005

The Chinese judicial system: 25 years in reform
Legal Daily, May 17, 2005

Forceful conviction will be the focus of supervision, says Supreme People’s Procuratorate
CRI Online, May 17, 2005

Law - legal reform
Procedure law revisions should ensure lawyers’ right of presence in client’s interrogation
The Beijing News, May 17, 2005

Media – Internet
Vote of confidence in internet market
SCMP, May 17, 2005

US foundation quits Olympic media project
SCMP, May 14, 2005

Police - Abuse (cases)
10 rural workers beaten up at the police station in Shannxi as two accused of assaulting police officers
The Beijing News, May 15, 2005

Public health
Flood of fake doctors alarms court
SCMP, May 17, 2005

Religion – Christianity
Pope's olive branch lifts 'hardliner' fears
SCMP, May 17, 2005

Compensation for house demolition to adjust in Beijing to a sum that allows poverty-stricken families to buy new house
北京拆迁补偿政策今年拟调整 要让特困户能买房, May 16, 2005

Guangxi villagers rush to build houses so as to grab the chance of making money from resettlement compensations
广西村民突击盖房赚拆迁费 村干部敢怒不敢言, May 15, 2005

Public safety ranks first among officials' concerns
SCMP, May 17, 2005

PLA could be called in for WTO meeting, says expert
SCMP, May 15, 2005

Chinese carrot-and-stick recipe keeps lid on mounting tensions
Times, May 17, 2005,,3-1615565,00.html

Hong Kong
EOC chief calls for new rights body
SCMP, May 17, 2005

Hundreds march for law to protect gays
SCMP, May 17, 2005

Hong Kong appeal court in the dock
Asia Times, May 14, 2005