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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August 2, 2005

Top news of the day

Protests and Petitions / Law - wrongful convictions
Beijing lawyers send in protest application to Beijing Public Security Bureau to fight for justify of a wrongfully convicted death row prisoners in Hebei
Ming Pao, 02/08/2005
A group of lawyer and legal experts in Beijing sent in an application to the Public Security Bureau for organizing a protest against their discontent over Hebei government's ignorance to an alleged wrongful conviction case, in which four innocent teenagers were put in jail ten years ago. It was their third attempt to submit the protest application after being rejected twice by the police in May and June. Beijing Police has yet to respond to the application.


Japan worried about China’s growing military spending
AFP, August 2, 2005

China, Russia to launch first joint military exercises
Xinhua, August 2, 2005

Border Territories/Issues-North Korea
China proposes new draft at nuke talks
AP, August 2, 2005

Center for roaming children in Beijing
China Youth Daily, 02/08/2005

Death Penalty
Former county Party Secretary in Yunnan executed for killing mistress
The Beijing News, 02/08/2005

Murderer executed in Anhui Tahan city
30元饭钱要了两条命 杀人犯在安徽太和被执行枪决, 01/08/2005

Detention – Ching Cheong (程翔)
New hopes on release of detained journalist
SCMP, 02/08/2005

Gender - Domestic violence
The first provincial legislation on domestic violence takes effective in Liaoning
辽宁首部反家庭暴力地方性法规今日正式施行, 01/08/2005

Government - Governance and accountability / Law
China to step up efforts to draft legislation for setting up an accountability system for administrative enforcement
中国加速推行行政执法责任制 各省着手制定规定, 02/08/2005

Government – Elections / Corruption
Elected village chief fails to deliver the promised benefits, villagers unveil stories of the corrupted election campaign
未兑现竞选承诺 "受贿"选民掉头揭发村官贿选(图), 02/08/2005

Over 5,000 Coal Mines to Suspend Production
Xinhua, August 2, 2005

Labor - Trade union
First labor union for migrant workers established and succeeds in claiming 2,900 yuan late payment
全国首家农民工工会成立 三个月只讨回2900工资 (China), 02/08/2005

Law - wrongful convictions (cases)
Death penalty conviction against Shaanxi peasant raise doubts on wrongful conviction: convicted or not, another victim like She Xianglin?
農民高進發被關押千日 他是又一個佘祥林?(圖)
CRI Online, 02/08/2005

Migrant Workers - Migrant children
Don't use the right to education to control migrant population in Shenzhen
China Youth Daily, 02/08/2005

2008: Olympics taste
People’s Daily Online, August 2, 2005

Police / Protests and Petitions
Crackdown on petitioners in Tiananmen Square
Radio Free Asia, 02/08/2005

Political Dissidents/Organizing-Detention Cases
Journalist Wu Shishen freed after more than 12 years in prison
Reporters Without Borders, August 2, 2005

Protests and Petitions
A Chinese City's Rage At the Rich And Powerful
Washington Post, 02/08/2005

New petition law paves the path for people to have complains heard
新《信访条例》畅通信访路, 02/08/2005

As rural unrest rises, Beijing sends stern warning
Washington Post, 01/08/2005

Lack of avenues for the disadvantaged groups to advocate their rights may invoke more social tensions
弱势群体利益诉求渠道缺失 群体性事件考验中国 (China), 01/08/2005

Legalized and institutionalized the revised petition regulations is the way forward, say legal experts
法制化、规范化是信访的必由之路, 01/08/2005

The government care nothing about the plights of the people, say petitioners
中国上访者:政府不关心民众疾苦, 01/08/2005

Veterans in pension protest rounded up
SCMP, August 2, 2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs
AIDS experts: 'Mobile men with money' risky
China Daily, 02/08/2005

Public Health-Other
China mulls banning medical treatment ads
Xinhua, August 2, 2005

Two New Deaths from Pig-borne Epidemic
Xinhua, August 2, 2005

China farmers ignore swine flu hygiene orders
Reuters, August 2, 2005

Reforms-Population Control/One-Child
Beijing population to top 15.5 mln, August 2, 2005

State Security - Spying
Be on lookout for spies, public told
SCMP, 02/08/2005