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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bilateral Ties

诺奖授予刘晓波令挪中关系"近乎于零" (Sino-Norwegian Relates "Close to Nonexistent" due to Liu’s Peace Prize)
Deutsche Welle, October 11, 2011,,15452850,00.html

Death Penalty

中国死刑未废除情况下 量刑标准亦不明晰 (Sentencing Standards Remain Unclear for Death Penalty)
Deutsche Welle, October 10, 2011,,15449837,00.html

Human Rights Defenders

Hunan Opposition Activist Released
Radio Free Asia, October 10, 2011

“看望陈光诚”活动得到广泛响应 (Broad Response to the Attempted Visit of Chen Guangcheng)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 10, 2011

Land Policy

无征地许可证 南通强拆人员砸窗户恐吓村民 (Jiangsu: Demolition Agents Show No Land Requisition Form, Break Windows and Terrify Villagers)
Radio Free Asia, October 10, 2011


Businessman's Torture Video Accuses Police
South China Morning Post, October 11, 2011

Public Health

Over 100m People with Mental Illness in China
China Daily, October 11, 2011


China Attacks 'Dalai Clique' over Self-immolations
Associated Press, October 11, 2011