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Monday, May 29, 2006

May 27-29, 2006

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender – Journalist Zhao Yan (赵岩)
Trial of NYT Researcher Begins June 8
AP (via YahooNews), May 27, 2006


A Beijing court has set June 8 as the date to try Zhao Yan, a researcher for The New York Times, on charges of leaking state secrets and fraud. This is despite the fact that the same charges were dropped in March. He was detained in September 2004 for correctly predicting in his report Jiang Zemin's plan to resign from the Central Military Commission.

Bilateral Ties
欧盟赞中国保障人权进展 (European Union Praises China's Progress on Human Rights Protection but Criticizes Use of Death Penalty and Torture)
Wen Wei Po, May 29, 2006

布什会见中国人权活动人士及反响 (The Meeting Between President Bush and China's Rights Defenders and Its Repercussions)
Voice of America, May 26, 2006

Death Penalty
死刑二审案件开庭进入攻坚阶段 (Policy of Second Trial for Death Penalty Cases Enters Crucial Stage)
Legal Daily, May 29, 2006

扔掉的煤够用10年 三大因素致煤炭资源浪费严重 (Three Reasons for Serious Coal Wastage; Thrown-away Coal Enough for 10 Years’ Consumption)
People's Daily, May 29, 2006

Battle to Restore Lake's Lost Beauty
SCMP, May 29, 2006

环保总局局长周生贤:破坏环境的项目“一律不批” (Head of State Environmental Protection Administration Says: Projects that Harm Environment Will Not Be Approved)
People's Daily, May 29, 2006

Water Consumption for Per Unit of GDP to Drop 30% in 2010
Xinhuanet, May 28, 2006

检察院工作“通报”人大代表 (Xuanwu District Procuratorate in Beijing to Begin Making Quarterly Reports to People's Congress Representative)
The Beijing News, May 29, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Internet Activist - Sun Wenguang (孙文广)
孙文广网上发表文章遭公安人员问讯 (Rights Activist Sun Wenguang Questioned by Police for Posting Articles on Internet)
Radio Free Asia, May 28, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Mao Hengfeng (毛恒凤)
2 Chinese Activists Detained in Shanghai
AP (via CBSNews), May 27, 2006

June 4th
Rain Dents Turnout by June 4 Protesters
SCMP, May 29, 2006

US Consul Studies Payout over Tiananmen
SCMP, May 29, 2006

Rural Labor Resources Shortage Felt in China
Xinhuanet, May 28, 2006

网络必设防:安全事件月均万起 粤沪苏等地最多 (More than 10,000 Internet Security Cases in China Last Year)
People's Daily, May 29, 2006

大赦国际启动旨在争取网络自由的新网站 (Amnesty International Launches New Webpage to Campaign for Internet Freedom)
Radio Free Asia, May 28, 2006

北京市招200名首批特约网络监察员 (Beijing City Recruits First 200 Internet Monitors)
Radio Free Asia, May 25, 2006

Migrant Workers
“伤有所保”离农民工有多远 (How Long Before Migrant Workers Will Have On-the-Job Insurance Protection?)
People's Daily, May 29, 2006

他们是当下中国最容易受伤害的人 (Migrant Workers' Children Left at Home Alone Are Most Vulnerable to Harm)
China Youth Daily, May 29, 2006

网络给农民带来了什么 (What Has the Internet Given Migrant Workers?)
People's Daily, May 28, 2006

North Korea
美中密议允许闯馆北韩人离开中国 (Secret Deal Discussed to Allow North Koreans Who Enter American Consulate to Leave China)
Voice of America, May 26, 2006

陕西平利交警队瞒报420多起事故52名死亡者 (Police in One County in Shaanxi Province Found to Have Covered Up 420 Accidents and 52 Deaths), May 29, 2006

中国黑恶势力向政治领域渗透 (Chinese Mafia Infiltrates Political Sphere)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2006

世行助华扶贫作用如何?专家评论 (Experts Comment on Impact of World Bank's Anti-Poverty Measures in China)
Voice of America, May 29, 2006

Public Health
医院输血致夫妻同染艾滋 索赔被拒妻子悲愤离世 (Couple Contracts AIDS as a Result of Blood Transfusion; Wife Dies Before Final Court Holds Hospital Responsible)
People's Daily, May 29, 2006

Rome-approved Bishop Defies Ban
SCMP, May 29, 2006

A Chinese Dissident's Faith
Washington Post, May 28, 2006

西藏流亡政府称北京对其立场曲解 (Tibetan Government-in-Exile Argues that Beijing Misinterprets Its Stance)
Voice of America, May 26, 2006