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Thursday, November 22, 2012


A Chinese Education, for a Price
The New York Times, November 21, 2012

Economic Development

Interview: Overcoming Income Inequality
The Economic Observer, November 19, 2012

Food Safety

First Person to Fight Fake Dairy Attacked and, Died
SINA, November 22, 2012


China's Most Powerful Woman - But How Far Can Sun Chunlan Go?
The Independent, November 21, 2012


披露贵州流浪儿被闷死在垃圾箱事件的贵州作家李元龙“被旅游” (Guizhou Writer Who Revealed the Death of 5 Boys in Rubbish Bin "Taken on a Trip")
Radio Free Asia, November 21, 2012

Protests and Petitions

探儿母亲遭劳教事件再激网络民愤 (Gansu Woman Who Previously Petitioned Ordered to 1 Year Reeducation-Through-Labor after Being Intercept on Way Home from Trip to Visit to Son in Beijing)
British Broadcasting Corporation, November 22, 2012

浙江反建變電站示威 爆警民衝突 (Wenzhou, Zhejiang: Clash between Villagers and Armed Police during Protest against Transformer Substation)
Ming Pao, November 22, 2012

Public Health

天津愛滋病帶菌者隱瞞病情才獲治癌 (Tianjin Man with HIV Only Succeeds in Scheduling Treatment at Hospital for Cancer after Concealing That He Has HIV)
Radio Television Hong Kong, November 22, 2012


内蒙九基督徒传教被拘两人劳教 河南漯河要村民举报“邪教” (Inner Mongolia: 9 Christians Detained for "Using a Cult to Undermine the Implementation of the Law" and, 2 Ordered to Reeducation)
Radio Free Asia, November 21, 2012