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Monday, April 23, 2012


China's Rare Earth Boom Comes at Grim Cost Xinhua News Agency, April 23, 2012


Shoddy Schools, Grand Offices South China Morning Post, April 22, 2012

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: A Majority to Accommodate Financial Times, April 19, 2012

Land Policy

高音喇叭循环宣讲政策“逼拆” (Jiangsu Village Plays Propaganda Nonstop for 6h/Day over High-frequency Speakers to Force Evictions and Demolitions to Go Faster) Southern Metropolis Daily, April 23, 2012


US Website Covering Bo Scandal Is Attacked The Sydney Morning Herald, April 22, 2012
Related: Free Speech and DDOS Attacks, April 20, 2012
广东乌坎村八名原村委成员被双规 (Eight Ousted Officials in Wukan Village under Investigation) British Broadcasting Corporation, April 22, 2012 学界热议薄熙来事件对中共人事更替的影响 (Academics Debate Whether Bo Affair to Influence Personnel Turnover at 18th Party Congress) Radio Free Asia, April 22, 2012
Related: 胡锦涛倒薄无意改弦更张 Hu Jintao Intends No Fresh Start in Bringing Down Bo Xilai Human Rights in China, April 20, 2012 CH: EN:

Protests and Petitions

麗江警民衝突 副公安局長被殺 (Yunnan: 1 Police Killed, 15 Injured in Clash with Villagers Protesting Coal Mine) Sing Tao Daily, April 22, 2012


「如果中國民主了,西藏問題一周解決」 ("Were China to Become a Democracy, the Issues in Tibet Would Clear Up in a Week") Apple Daily, April 23, 2012


Buses Asked to Eject Uyghur Petitioners Radio Free Asia, April 22, 2012