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Friday, November 18, 2005

November 18, 2005


Corruption / Government - Governance and accountability
集体决定为何变成了集体犯罪 (When Did “Collective Decision-Making” Become a Collective Crime?)
China Youth Daily, 18/11/2005

Detention – Yang Jianli (楊建利)
Activists Urge Bush on Chinese Prisoners
AP via, 17/11/2005

Education - Basic education / Children
财政部部长金人庆:农村义务教育明年学杂费全免 (Rural Villages Exempted from Paying Certain Fees for Compulsory Education Next Year)
People's Daily, 18/11/2005

Rural Teachers Despair at Lack of Recognition
SCMP, 18/11/2005

Beijing 'Ignored' by Local Cadres
SCMP, 18/11/2005

Government - Elections
湖北潜江村民选举被下令停止 (Qianjiang Village in Hubei Ordered to Put a Halt to Elections)
Radio Free Asia, 17/11/2005

Hukou / Social Security
城乡二元保障体制是社会根源 (The "Two-Tier Social Insurance System" is a Root Cause for Lack of Access to Medical Treatment in Rural Areas)
China Youth Daily, 18/11/2005

Human Rights / Politics
Hopes Fade for Better Human Rights under Hu
Financial Times, 17/11/2005

何为公共利益 怎样合理补偿 (How to Reconcile Public Interests with Equitable Compensation)
Legal Daily, 18/11/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
Beijing Concerned about ‘Colour Revolution’
Financial Times, 18/11/2005

Media – Internet / UN
China Advocates Equal Stress on Freedom, Law in Digital World
People's Daily, 18/11/2005

Media - Internet
Survey Studies Internet Use in China
USA Today, 17/11/2005

Migrant Workers
容忍歧视等于放弃权利 (Tolerating Discrimination is Equal to Giving Up on Human Rights)
China Youth Daily, 18/11/2005

Police - Prisons
Cadaver Exhibition Raises Questions Beyond Taste
New York Times, 18/11/2005

Police – RTL
美国会决议谴责中国劳改制度 (US Congress Passes Resolution Condemning China’s Reeducation-Through-Labor System)
Voice of America, 17/11/2005

Politics - CCP
中共胡耀邦纪念活动 官方不准自由派出席 (Chinese Government Refuses to Allow Freedom Activists to Attend Hu Yaobang’s Memorial Ceremony)
Radio Free Asia, 17/11/2005

Population - Aging population
未富先老的中国 如何破解老龄社会的难题 (“Getting Old Before We Get Rich” – How Do We Solve the Problems of China’s Ageing Population?), 18/11/2005

Protests and Petitions
Sidelined Stallholders Await Verdict
SCMP, 18/11/2005

福建莆田失地农民黄维忠进京上访被拘 (Fujian Farmer Huang Weizhong Arrested in Beijing for Petitioning Government Over Land Seized)
Radio Free Asia, 17/11/2005

Public Health
医改目标将覆盖90%人群 (Medical Care Reform Goal Is to Cover 90 Percent of Population)
China Youth Daily, 18/11/2005

Health Officials Warn More Outbreaks of Bird Flu Likely in China
Voice of America, 17/11/2005

Religion - Christianity
Christians in China Persevere Despite Religious Restrictions
USA Today, 17/11/2005

中国战略考虑对新疆人权状况的意义(US Discusses Significance of China’s Chang in Strategy Regarding Xinjiang’s Human Rights Situation)
Radio Free Asia, 17/11/2005