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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Access to Justice (司法公正)

武汉当局疑冒充疫情受害者家属污名公益人士 (Wuhan authorities smear rights defenders by accusing them of masquerading as family members of COVID-19 victims)
Radio Free Asia, September 1, 2020

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Pompeo hopeful China's Confucius Institutes will be gone from U.S. by year-end
Reuters, September 1, 2020

American Support for Taiwan Must Be Unambiguous
Foreign Affairs, September 2, 2020

蒙古民众示威 声援中国内蒙古家长抗议当局加强汉语教学新令 (Mongolians protest in solidarity with Inner-Mongolian parents in resisting enhanced Chinese language teaching policy)
BBC, September 2, 2020

内蒙当局修改语言教学规定引发持续抗议 (Protests triggered by Inner-Mongolian government's new language policy in schools continue)
Voice of America, September 2, 2020

美国国防部出台中国军力报告 (U.S. Department of Defense releases the 2020 report on China’s military power)
Radio Free Asia, September 1, 2020

2020 Report on Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China
United States Department of Defense, September 1, 2020

美國防部報告:中國軍力正追上美軍 駐港解放軍輪換時或有武警抵港 (U.S. Department of Defense report: China's military power is catching up with U.S.; China may have sent armed police to Hong Kong during the 2019 garrison rotation)
The Stand News, September 2, 2020

五角大楼:中国计划未来十年让核武库翻倍 (Pentagon: China to double the number of nuclear weapons in next decade)
Financial Times, September 2, 2020

美暗示禁中国学生学者来美 十五名访问学者被迫离境 (U.S. considers emergency ban on visiting scholars from China; 15 visiting scholars are forced to leave)
Radio Free Asia, September 1, 2020

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong protests: police warn suspects against fleeing city as 25 rearrested over involvement in November’s siege of PolyU
South China Morning Post, September 2, 2020

Opposition lawmaker Raymond Chan becomes first to say he intends to exit Hong Kong’s Legislative Council rather than serve extended term
South China Morning Post, September 2, 2020

Ousted Hong Kong lawmaker Baggio Leung jailed for 4 weeks after court rejects appeal bid
Hong Kong Free Press, September 2, 2020

大律師公會:《基本法》淸晰訂明、界定三權分立 (Hong Kong Bar Association: The Basic Law unambiguously prescribes and delineates separation of powers principle)
The Stand News, September 2, 2020

Statement of the Hong Kong Bar Association (“HKBA”) about the Separation of Powers Principle
Hong Kong Bar Association, September 2, 2020

羅冠聰:德國光靠同中國對話解決不了問題 (Nathan Law cautions Germany: Dialogue with China will not solve problems)
Deutsche Welle, September 2, 2020

邓小平到林郑月娥 香港“三权分立”论争的来龙去脉 (From Deng Xiaoping to Carrie Lam, history behind the dispute over “separation of powers” in Hong Kong)
BBC, September 2, 2020