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Thursday, October 28, 2004

DAILY NEWS BRIEF FOR October 28, 2004


Corporate Social Responsibility
An investment in human rights
FT (page 8), October 28, 2004

Detention – Zheng Enchong
Wife reveals Zheng’s “job” in jail
蒋美丽:「郑恩宠每天在牢里穿电线!」, October 28, 2004

Poll legislation amended
SCMP, October 28, 2004

The importance of legislative measures towards a stable development of democratic politics
Legal Daily, October 28, 2004

Labour - Employment
Rural labour no longer requires mobility certificate for working in urban areas
People’s Daily, October 27, 2004

Law – legal reform

China amends criminal law to fight white-collar crime
People’s Daily, October 27, 2004

Media – Freedom of speech
Reuters: Crusader defends free speech in China
路透社:为言论自由而战的中国律师, October 28, 2004

Media – Internet
Anti-corruption site closed by the government
中国又一反腐网站遭关闭, October 28, 2004

Media – Press freedom
China ranked the bottom 6th place in Global Press Freedom league
多维简讯:全球167国新闻自由排行榜中国大陆倒数第六, October 28, 2004

Chief Editor of NanFang Weekend sacked and dismissed party membership
Radio Free Asia, October 27, 2004

China to start community correction in more cities
People’s Daily, October 27, 2004

More dams to be built in quest for energy
SCMP, October 28, 2004

Three Gorges
650 Three Gorges Dams project resettlers lodge a complaint to UN
650名三峡库区移民联名向联合国申诉, October 28, 2004

Other – North Korea
Chinese Police Crack Down on North Koreans
Radio Free Asia, October 27, 2004

Other – Tibet
HRIC: Tibetan Writer Persecuted for Praising Dalai Lama
中国人权:西藏女作家唯色赞美达赖遭迫害, October 28, 2004