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Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009


Human Rights
余杰:接纳零八宪章不致新疆流血冲突 (Yu Jie: Charter 08 Would Have Prevented Xinjiang Riots)
Radio Free Asia, July 10, 2009

中国高中课程改革对农村学生不利? (Rural Students Disadvantaged by China's High School Curriculum Reform?)
Radio Free Asia, July 11, 2009


Stop Resources Exploitation, Says Researcher
South China Morning Post, July 12, 2009

Handouts for Families of 'Innocent' Victims
South China Morning Post, July 11, 2009

China Claims Embassy Protests Show Xinjiang Riots Organized
Reuters via (Asia Section), July 13, 2009

Death Toll Debated in China's Rioting
Washington Post, July 11, 2009

国际笔会狱中作家委员会呼吁中国政府释放维族学者 (The WiPC of International PEN Calls for Release of Uyghur Scholar)
Radio Free Asia, July 12, 2009

Uighurs Force Opening of Mosques in Urumqi
Wall Street Journal (Asia), July 11, 2009

China Bans Public Mourning in Urumqi
Telegraph (UK), July 12, 2009

Internet Censorship
Internet Cafes Suffer as Beijing Cuts Connection
South China Morning Post, July 13, 2009

西藏江达22藏人被拘 声援者受重伤 (22 Tibetans Arrests in Jiangda County, Supporters Seriously Wounded)
Radio Free Asia, July 10, 2009

Protests and Petitions

氯气中毒致后遗症 上访多年处境糟 (Chlorine Poisoning Causes Illness, Situation Worsens After Years of Petitioning)
Radio Free Asia, July 11, 2009

杭州、武昌强拆 武汉居民堵路抗议 (Wuhan Residents Block Roads in Protest against Forced Demolitions)
Radio Free Asia, July 10, 2009

川震受难家长被判刑 港议员探灾区遭拒 (Parents of Student Quake Victims Sentenced, HongKong Legco Members Prevented from Visiting Disaster Zone)
Radio Free Asia, July 13, 2009


Top-level Decree Intended to Tighten Noose on Corrupt Cadres
South China Morning Post, July 13, 2009

Human Rights Defenders

Rough Justice
South China Morning Post, July 09, 2009

美国国会行政中国事务委员会举行圆桌会议 关注中国人权律师现状 (US CECC Holds Roundtable Focusing on Plight of China's Human Rights Lawyers)
Radio Free Asia, July 11, 2009


退休老人状告政府部门讨要知情权胜诉 (Retiree Wins Suit Against Government Branch Over Right to Know)
Chongqing Daily (via Net Ease), July 12, 2009


China to Reveal Most Dangerous Schools
Xinhua News Agency, July 13, 2009