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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Access to Justice (司法公正)

5年近9万人不当减刑被纠 最高检吁杜绝权贵违法减刑 (Nearly 90,000 people had penalties illegally reduced within past 5 years, Supreme People’s Procuratorate urges ending illegal commutation for the rich and powerful)
South China Morning Post, November 3, 2015

China's new crimes will stifle public expression, erode channels of complaint
Radio Free Asia, November 2, 2015

中国刑法新增20项罪名 被指意在打压维权民众 (China adds 20 new crimes to its criminal law, said to aim at cracking down on rights defense community)
Radio Free Asia, November 2, 2015

Access to Information (信息公开)

股民连续数日买不到“中国神车” 起诉上交所 (Investor sues Shanghai Stock Exchange, seeking disclosure of prices given to brokers, argues attemptto purchase China Southern rail stocks was blocked for days on end)
The Paper, November 2, 2015

Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news across Washington, and the world
Reuters, November 2, 2015

China censors richest man Wang Jianlin’s Harvard speech over Xi Jinping corruption comment
Hong Kong Free Press, November 2, 2015

China newspaper editor fired in crackdown on dissent
The Wall Street Journal, November 3, 2015

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

全国人大常委会委员建议扩大慈善法覆盖范围, 制定一部慈善领域根本性法律 (NPC Standing Committee issues draft Charities Law, expanding scope of what constitute charity)
Legal Daily, November 2, 2015

Vietnamese activists, NGOs protest visit by China’s president
Radio Free Asia, November 2, 2015

Government Accountability (政府问责)

北京公安对触犯党纪问题“零容忍” (Beijing public security has “zero tolerance” for breaches of Party discipline)
Legal Daily, November 2, 2015

China corruption crackdown: President of AgBank— one of the mainland's top four lenders – “relieved of his duties”
South China Morning Post, November 3, 2015

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

间谍行为或线索全国统一举报电话 12339开通 (National hotline for reporting espionage activity launched: 12339)
People’s Daily, November 1, 2015

Hotline launched for Chinese spy-spotters
China Digital Times, November 2, 2015

Google services set for “return” to China
British Broadcasting Corporation, November 2, 2015

Hong Kong (香港)

【港大泄密風波】張達明:港大禁令涵蓋範圍闊到離譜 (Law academic Eric Cheung on HKU leaks controversy: Coverage of gag order obtained by HKU is unreasonably wide)
Mingpao, November 3, 2015

【港大泄密風波】羅燦指不能以保密協議作擋箭牌:怕人知你們處理不公平? (President of HK News Executives’ Assoc. Stephen Loh on HKU leaks controversy: Confidentiality agreement cannot be the shield, unless you’re afraid people will know the unfairness of your operation)
Mingpao, November 3, 2015

Hong Kong pan-democrats fear election clashes with “umbrella activists” will split pro-democracy vote
South China Morning Post, November 3, 2015

HKFP Interview: “Umbrella soldier” group Youngspiration vows to find new path to democracy
Hong Kong Free Press, October 31, 2015

Counterterrorism (反恐)

Xinjiang cotton production falls as Uyghur farmers are diverted from their work
Radio Free Asia, November 2, 2015

A new law in China may make it illegal for men to force women to wear a burqa
Quartz, November 2, 2015

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

Q. and A.: David Bandurski on the villages within China’s cities
The New York Times, November 3, 2015

陈光诚:放开二孩政策只是从杀第二孩变成杀第三孩 (Chen Guangcheng: Two-child policy is just a switch from murder of the second child to murder of the third child)
Radio Free Asia, November 2, 2015