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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 8, 2005

Top News of the Day

Protests and Petitions/Public Health-HIV AIDS /STDs

Tainted-Blood Victims Detained Over HIV Petition
SCMP, 08/11/2005
About 30 petitioners from Henan Province who were infected with HIV from tainted blood transfusions were detained by local police after they tried to reach Zhengzhou, where they hoped to submit a petition letter to Vice-Premier Wu Yi outlining their demands. Wu Yi was attending an Aids conference that opened on November 7 in that city.


Death Penalty/Law-Legal Reform

Supreme People’s Procuratorate Studies its Role in Reviewing Death Sentences, While Supreme People’s Court Promises to Offer Clarifications of Legal Procedures
最高检拟介入死刑复核程序 高法将出台司法解释
China News Agency, 08/11/2005

Detention-Ching Cheong (程翔)
Jailed Journalist Still Held After Deadline Expires
SCMP, 08/11/2005

Expert Calls for Law to Protect Homosexuals
SCMP, 08/11/2005

The Paradox of Hukou Reform
户籍改革的潘多拉困境, 08/11/2005

Human Rights-Human rights defenders
Gao Zhisheng Visits Detained Dissident Zheng Yichun and the Judge in Charge of His Case
Radio Free Asia, 07/11/2005

Human Rights/Government-Governance and accountability
Getting to the Root of the Problem: Protection of Human Rights Should Start with the Procuratorates
China News Agency, 07/11/2005

Riot Police Move In to Free Mayor
SCMP, 08/11/2005

Law-Wrongful Convictions
Amendment of State Compensation Law Announced With Six Areas of Major Concern
国家赔偿法修改建议稿亮相 六大突破引人关注
Legal Daily, 08/11/2005

Chongqing’s Beiben District Is First to Implement State Compensation Law
The Beijing News, 08/11/2005

Media-Internet/Human Rights-Human rights defenders
Beijing Discovers Whole New World of Repression in Cyberspace
The Standard, 08/11/2005



Ministry Of Culture To Set Up Internet Monitoring Platform
Pacific Epoch via China Digital News, 07/11/2005

Olympics To Run Website For Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
China via China Digital News , 07/11/2005

Gender-Gender Imbalance
Gender Imbalance in Zhengzhou Kindergarten Reveals a Black Market that Helps
Parents to Verify Gender of Fetuses During Pregnancy
幼儿园版男女比例失调:16070 农村是重灾区 (China), 08/11/2005

China to Hear Foreign Views on Urbanization, 07/11/2005

Public Health
Beijing to Establish the First Hospital Tailored for Lower-Income Groups, With 500 Kind of Medicines Sold at Affordable Prices
北京首设低收入群体医院 500余种药品平价销售, 08/11/2005

Public Health-HIV AIDS /STDs
Hospitals In China Find Profit In AIDS
Washington Post, 08/11/2005

Ministry of Public Health Says: The Spread of HIV Aids Continues but Is Concentrated in Certain Areas
卫生部:我国艾滋病疫情分布较集中 疫情在上升, 07/11/2005

Public Health
China's Bird Flu Policy Is Under a Microscope
Los Angeles Times, 07/11/2005

Rural Issues-rural development
Down on the Farm, by the Golf Course and Subdivisions
New York Times, 08/11/2005