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Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 16, 2006

Bilateral Ties
胡锦涛突拒跟加总理會面 (President Hu Jintao Refuses to Meet Canadian PM over Addition of Rights Agendum)
Ming Pao, November 16, 2006

Civil Society
社论:城市规划要交给专家更要回归公众 (Editorial: Public Participation Crucial for Town Planning)
Nanfang City News, November 16, 2006

Corporate Social Accountability
《财富》的社会责任评估排名显失媒体责任意识 (Chinese Companies Rank Low in Fortune Magazine's Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking)
People's Daily, November 16, 2006

深圳法官腐敗案 其中3人將受起訴 (Three Judges from Shenzhen to Be Prosecuted on Corruption Charges)
BBC, November 15, 2006

Death Penalty
高法:走私大杀伤力非常规炮弹情节严重可判死刑 (Smugglers of Weapons of Mass Destruction Can Be Given Capital Punishment Under New Interpretation), November 16, 2006

三班仆人案二审审结 (Christian Sect Members’ Appeal Trial on Murder Charges Concluded, Verdict Expected in Mid-December)
Radio Free Asia, November 15, 2006

中国生死判官北京轮训 肖扬作重要讲话 (610 Criminal Case Judges Across China Receive Training on Handling Death Penalty Cases)
Xinhuanet, November 15, 2006

农村孩子上学贵现状调查及对策分析 (Survey on Schooling Expenses for Rural Children)
People's Daily, November 16, 2006

China Drafts Law on Circular Economy
People's Daily, November 16, 2006

UNDP Official: China Makes Remarkable Improvements in Water Supply, Sanitation
People's Daily, November 15, 2006

Freedom of Speech
铁凝当中国作协主席各方反应不一 (Opinions Differ on Tie Ning's Assumption of Chairpersonship of Chinese Writers Association)
Voice of America, November 15, 2006

不孝敬父母,绝不是好干部的行为 (Unfilial Officials Won't Get Promotion in Jinchang, Gansu Province)
The Beijing News, November 16, 2006

Gov't Acts to Improve Services
Xinhuanet, November 15, 2006

Human Rights
中国将首次举行人权展 (China to Hold First "Human Rights Exhibition" in Beijing)
China Youth Daily, November 16, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
专访陈光诚妻子袁伟静 (Retrial of Chen Guangcheng to Be Held on November 20)
Radio Free Asia, November 15, 2006

中国称关闭危险煤矿行动取得进展 (China Claims Progress on Closure of Dangerous Coal Mines)
BBC, November 16, 2006

差异高低执行提升——四问最低工资标准 (Four Questions About the Standard for Minimum Wage)
Xinhuanet, November 16, 2006

和谐社会必须树立法制权威 (Competent Legal System is the Foundation of a Harmonious Society)
Legal Daily, November 16, 2006

接纳未成年人受处 南京一网吧诉文化局被驳回 (Nanjing Court Upholds Cultural Bureau's Decision to Revoke License of Internet Café That Served Minors)
Xinhuanet, November 16, 2006

Chinese Citizens Get Censor-Free Internet Through Anonymizer
Press Release, November 14, 2006

Migrant Workers
Migrant Schools Face Closure in Guangzhou
SCMP, November 16, 2006

特别关注:农民工的“50岁现象” (Special Feature: The "50-Year-Old Phenomenon" of Migrant Workers)
People's Daily, November 16, 2006

China Shortens PLA Chain of Command in Emergency Response Plan
Xinhuanet, November 15, 2006

Protests and Petitions
One-Dog Policy Resisted in Beijing
Washington Post, November 16, 2006

胡总访印 藏独组织拟抗议 (Tibetan Groups to Protest when President Hu Jintao Visits New Delhi)
Ming Pao, November 16, 2006

成都南光机械厂退休工人静坐抗议继续 (Retired Workers Continue Sit-in Protest at Factory in Chengdu)
Radio Free Asia, November 15, 2006

Public Health
Effort to Regulate Organ Trade May Not Be Enough
SCMP, November 16, 2006

Top Doctors Vow to Stick to Rules for Transplants
SCMP, November 16, 2006

香港大学教授管轶事件受批评引起关注 (Concern over CPC's Criticism of Hong Kong University Medical Professor)
Radio Free Asia, November 15, 2006

State Security
京證实两台商间谍罪被捕 (Beijing Confirms Arrest of Two Taiwanese Businesspersons on Spying Charges)
Ming Pao, November 16, 2006

政府预算没有理由对人民保密 (Commentary: State Budget Should Not Be Kept Secret from the People)
China Youth Daily, November 16, 2006

Two Cops Held for 'Letting in' Tibetans, November 16, 2006