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Monday, July 06, 2009

July 04-06, 2009

Top News

乌鲁木齐严重暴力犯罪事件致140人死828人伤 (140 Dead, 828 Injured in Urumqi Riot)
Xinhua News Agency (via Guangdong Daily), July 06, 2009
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Scores Killed in Clashes in Western China
New York Times, July 06, 2009
新疆官指境外炒作維漢衝突 (XUAR Official Says Outside Forces Stirred Up Uyghur-Han Clash)
Ming Pao (via Yahoo! News), July 06, 2009

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China Calls Xinjiang Riot a Plot against Rule
Reuters, July 06, 2009
Hong Kong
Self-censorship in Media 'Worsens'
South China Morning Post, July 06, 2009

内地与香港确立“一国两制”下司法合作新模式 (Hong Kong and Mainland Establish New Model for Judicial Collaboration)
Legal Daily, July 06, 2009

Human Rights Defenders
陈云飞申请政治避难被抓 (Chen Yunfei Detained en Route to Chengdu U.S. Consulate to Apply for Political Assylum in Taiwan)
Radio Free Asia, July 03, 2009

Human Rights Defender –Feng Zhenghu (冯正虎)
美国西北航空公司拒绝冯正虎登机 (NWA Refuses to Let Activist and Scholar Feng Zhenghu Board Flight to Return to China)
Radio Free Asia, July 03, 2009

Protests and Petitions

Shanghai Protesters Want Cash Back
South China Morning Post, July 05, 2009

最高法要求审好五类涉民生行政案运用多种方式确保征地拆迁补偿合理 (SPC: Use Variety of Methods to Ensure Reasonable Compensation for Land Acquisition and Demolition)
Legal Daily, July 06, 2009

涉敏感話題為自保 傳媒「上報不上網」 (To Protect Themselves, Newspapers to Report Sensitive Information in Papers But Not Online)
Ming Pao (via, July 06, 2009

河北定兴一村民被派出所带走半小时后死亡 (Hebei Villager Dies 30 Minutes after Being Taken Away by Police)
Radio Free Asia, July 03, 2009

Public Health
Circular: China's Gov'ts Ordered to Spend More on Health Care
Xinhua News Agency, July 05, 2009

七成医护人员不愿诊疗艾滋 (70% of Doctors and Nurses Unwilling to Treat HIV/AIDS Patients)
The Beijing News, July 06, 2009

成都民政局拒绝取缔教会行政复议 (Chengdu Authorities Refuse to Accept Case of Administrative Reconsideration of Church Ban)
Voice of America, July 04, 2009

中国基督教家庭教会联合会成员被带走调查 (Around 60 Chinese House Church Alliance Members Detained for Questioning during Anniversary Celebration)
Radio Free Asia, July 06, 2009

China Denied on Talks to Open Cross-strait Air Space
China Post, July 05, 2009