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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 9, 2007

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender – Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)

狱方拒收合法送书 不安排家人见陈光诚代写申诉 (Prison Authorities Refuse to Pass Family's Book to Chen Guangcheng, Wife Still Under House Arrest)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2007

Prison authorities recently prevented the family of Chen Guangcheng, a blind lawyer who is serving a sentence in Shandong Province, from visiting him. They also refused to pass on to Chen a copy of the Law on the Protection of Disabled Persons (the version for persons with visual disabilities), on the grounds that they could not verify the contents of the book. Chen's wife Yuan Weijing (袁伟静) is being held under house arrest.


北京黄牛商场被打酿群体事件 揭购物卡贪腐食物链 (Beating Incident in Beijing Shopping Center Reveals Corrupt Practices Related to Shopping Coupons)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2007

China Tells Little About Illness That Kills Pigs, Officials Say
New York Times, May 08, 2007

Human Rights
Children Left to Die as Officials Fled 1994 Fire
South China Morning Post, May 09, 2007

Human Rights Defenders
实地调查退伍军人上访 泛蓝成员被国保及公安带走 (Pan-Blue Alliance Member Taken Away in Hunan for Trying to Investigate Petition by Retired Soldiers)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2007

Multilateral Relations
Beijing to Join Sudan Peacekeeping Force
South China Morning Post, May 09, 2007

China, Russia Accused of Arms Violations
Associated Press (via YahooNews), May 08, 2007

北京为维护奥运形像加紧公关活动 (China Strengthens Its Public Relations Work to Protect Its Olympic Image)
Voice of America, May 09, 2007

中国式民主确立 五大特色推进民主政治建设 (China Upholds 5 Characteristics in the Pursuit of Its Own Style of Democracy)
Xinhuanet, May 09, 2007

China's Rich Flout One-Child Policy
The Telegraph, May 08, 2007

Protests and Petitions
挖沙害死4童 村民抬尸抗议 (Guangdong Villagers Hold Corpses in Protest After 4 Children Drown in Dangerous River)
Ming Pao, May 09, 2007

吸纳上访人进专案组参与调查 (Local Procuratorate in Jilin Involves Petitioners in the Investigation of Their Complaints)
Legal Daily, May 09, 2007

Villagers Go on the Rampage in Land Row
South China Morning Post, May 09, 2007

简要新闻:河南访民的孩子在天安门毛泽东像前下跪伸冤 (In Brief: Children of Henan Petitioner Hold Kneeling Protest in Tiananmen Square)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2007

政府强制拆迁不断 访民不断增多 (Number of Petitioners Increases as Forced Evictions Continue)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2007

武汉市职工代表上访举报企业贪污被关押 (Wuhan Workers' Representatives Detained in "Education Center" for Petitioning over Corruption)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2007

China Rejects U.S. Criticism on Religion
Associated Press (via YahooNews), May 08, 2007

Hong Kong
学者倡犯23条禁选特首 (Academic Proposes to Bar Violators of Article 23 from Running for Chief Executive)
Ming Pao, May 09, 2007