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Monday, October 06, 2008

October 04-06, 2008

Bilateral Ties

Arms Deal to Taiwan Riles China
New York Times, October 05, 2008

Civil Society
Charities in China Need More Assistance
China Daily, October 06, 2008

Sichuan Quake Complaints Quashed
Radio Free Asia, October 03, 2008

Shanghai Highrises Could Worsen Rising Seas Threat
Reuters, October 06, 2008

Food Security
China Milk Scandal: Government Says Milk Free of Contamination
The Telegraph, October 06, 2008

China’s Dairy Farmers Say They Are Victims
New York Times, October 04, 2008

Processed Meat Joins List of Tainted Foods
South China Morning Post, October 05, 2008

Six More Detained amid Tainted Milk Scandal
Xinhuanet, October 05, 2008

结石儿家长遭冷遇 律师踢爆当局干预 (Parents of Babies Ill with Kidney Stones Given Cold Shoulder by Lawyers)
Radio Free Asia, September 05, 2008

Hong Kong
Public Views Sought on 'Obscene' Articles
China Daily, October 05, 2008

Human Rights Defenders
Activists Hail Prospect of Nobel Prize for Dissident
South China Morning Post, October 04, 2008

Gov't Starts Probe into Deadly North China Landslide
Xinhua (via China Daily), October 06, 2008

China Curbs Mine Explosives in Bid to Improve Safety: Report
Agence France-Presse (via Google), October 05, 2008

Skype's China Spying Sparks Anger
Reuters, October 03, 2008

中国媒体删除温家宝接受美媒体采访时的政改言论 (Chinese Press Scrubbed Wen Jiabao's Interview of Political Topics)
Radio Free Asia, October 06, 2008

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Transcript of interview with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao
CNN, September 29, 2008
Protests and Petitions
四川仁寿县退伍老兵上访被关进精神病院 (Retired Soldiers in Sichuan Locked in Mental Institution for Petitioning)
Radio Free Asia, October 03, 2008

Public Health
China Lung Disease 'to Kill 83m'
BBC, October 04, 2008

中国政府禁止大陆主教参加梵蒂冈宗教会议 (Chinese Government Prohibits Bishops from Attending Vatican Conference)
Radio Free Asia, October 03, 2008

Rural Issues
China Steps up Anti-Poverty Effort in Arid Western Areas
Xinhua (via China Daily), October 04, 2008

Uighur Detainees May Be Released to U.S.
Washington Post, October 05, 2008