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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bilateral Ties

“世维会”在日本召开所谓“四大”有关人员参拜靖国神社 中方强烈不满日方允许“世维会”在日从事反华活动 (China Extremely Dissatisfied That Japan Allows World Uyghur Congress to Engage in "Anti-China" Activities)
The Beijing Times, May 15, 2012

外交部发言人洪磊就“世维会”在日本召开所谓“四大”事答记者问 (MFA Spokesperson Responds to Questions on World Uyghur Congress Meeting in Japan)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, May 14, 2012

Civil Society

Civil Society Public Participation Would Guard Use of Donations
China Daily, May 14, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

陳光誠﹕侄遭棍毆流血3小時 (Chen Reports Nephew Beaten Bloody)
Ming Pao, May 15, 2012


河南商丘一人大代表为农民工讨薪被警方上网通缉 (Henan Congressional Rep Who Fought to Get Back Pay for Migrant Workers Listed as Wanted by Police Online)
Voice of China, May 15, 2012


China’s Obsession with Stability Can Come at the Cost of Laws
The New York Times, May 15, 2012

Court Allows Usernames to Be Sued
China Daily, May 15, 2012

江西5法院试点成立网事审判庭 QQ名可作被告 (QQ Names Can Be Sued in Provisional Project in 5 Jiangxi Courts)
Xinhua News Agency, April 9, 2012


China Daily to Publish African Edition as Beijing Strengthens Voice Abroad
The Guardian, May 14, 2012

Protests and Petitions

贵阳诊所医死病人警察抢尸 逾千人与警冲突消息被封锁 (Clash between Police and Civilians following Death in Guiyang Clinic)
Radio Free Asia, May 14, 2012