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Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

Food Security
Seeds Shock as Water Turns Black
Shanghai Daily, December 15, 2010

民眾對政府管治失信心 《社會藍皮書》發布 總體生活滿意度跌 (Blue Book of China's Society (CASS): People Have Lost Faith in Government)
Ming Pao, December 16, 2010

Human Rights Defender -- Qin Yongmin (秦永敏)
Activist Held after Release from Prison
Radio Free Asia, December 15, 2010
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Democracy Activist Qin Yongmin Released from Prison after 12-Year Sentence 老资格民运人士秦永敏12年刑满获释
Human Rights in China, November 29, 2010
June Fourth
June 4 Charge Political, Court Told
South China Morning Post, December 16, 2010

南京讨薪民工与保安冲突 数名民工受伤 (Nanjing: Several Workers Injured from Demanding Unpaid Wages)
Yangtse Evening Post, December 16, 2010

Land Policy
Land Battles Most Dire Rural Issue: Report
China Daily, December 16, 2010

House Expropriation Policy Solicit Suggestions
Xinhua News Agency, December 15, 2010

Judges Face Stricter Rules Over Personal Conduct
China Daily, December 16, 2010

傳媒挺趙連海遭整頓‧廣東時代週報秘密回收 (Issue of Time Weekly Supporting Zhao Lianhai Recalled)
Sin Chew Daily, December 15, 2010

警察在派出所将人打昏抛下楼致死 多人获刑 (Several Convicted after Civilian Beaten to Death in Police Station)
China News Service, December 16, 2010

刘晓波获诺奖可能会分裂北京政权 (Liu's Nobel May Divide Beijing Political Power Structure)
Radio France Internationale, December 15, 2010中国/20101215-刘晓波获诺奖可能会分裂北京政权

Protests and Petitions
陕西村长维护村民利益反成被告 再有受害人遭拘留 (Shaanxi: Rights Defending Village Chief Becomes the Accused, Victims Detained)
Radio Free Asia, December 15, 2010

Public Health
HIV/AIDS Patients to Get Care
China Daily, December 16, 2010

孔子学院能否帮中国树立国际形象? (Do Confucius Institutes Help China's International Image?)
Radio Free Asia, December 15, 2010

Four Tibetans Detained in Delhi for Staging Protest against Wen Jiabao's Visit
Press Trust of India, December 16, 2010

Uyghur Scholar, Family Held
Radio Free Asia, December 15, 2010