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Friday, August 10, 2012


Zhejiang Reservoir Bursts, 10 Killed
Shanghai Daily, August 10, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

Police Charge Activist Who Cast Doubt on Suicide
South China Morning Post, August 10, 2012

疑拍李旺阳死因重要证据 朱承志被控颠覆国家 (Zhi Chengzhi Charged with Inciting Subversion of State Power for Doubting Main Proof of Li Wangyang's Suicide)
am730, August 10, 2012

湖南上访妈妈判劳教获释 (Hunan Mother Ordered to Reeducation after Petitioning on Daughter's Rape Case Set Free)
Ming Pao, August 10, 2012

湖南省撤销永州对唐慧的劳教决定 (Hunan Decision to Rescind Yongzhou Reeducation-Through-Labor Order for Tang Hui)
August 10, 2012


How Weibo Is Changing China
YaleChina, August 9, 2012

Migrant Workers

北京救人农民工遭扣留捐款已悉数归还 (Donations to Help Save Lives of Beijing Migrant Workers Held by Dept Head, Released after Exposed)
Southern Metropolis Daily, August 10, 2012


Police on Trial for Gu 'Cover-up'
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 10, 2012

中共高层已经达成政改的共识 (Upper Ranks of the CPC Already Reached Consensus on Political Reform)
Radio France Internationale, August 9, 2012中国/20120809-中共高层已经达成政改的共识


Guangdong to Pilot Two-child Policy
China Daily, August 9, 2012


专家:活佛转世要尊重宗教仪轨 “需中央政府批准” (Expert: The Reincarnation of the Living Buddha Needs to Respect Religious Rituals and "Requires Approval from the Central Gov't")
China Radio International, August 10, 2012