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Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009


Bilateral Ties
Beijing Open to Talks in US on Xinjiang Unrest
South China Morning Post (via South China Morning Post), July 23, 2009

Chinese FM Meets with U.S. Secretary of State
Xinhua (via Xinhua), July 22, 2009

China Urges Australia to Respect Judicial Sovereignty
Xinhua (via China Daily), July 22, 2009

Company Linked to Son of China's President Faces Corruption Probe
Time (via Yahoo! News), July 22, 2009

滇 最大挪用公款案开审 云铜原副总经理被控挪7.6亿 (Yunnan Copper Employees Charged with Largest Amount Embezzled from Public Funds (7.6 Hundred Million RMB))
Xinhua (via Xinhua), July 23, 2009

山西上半年处分党员干部2679人 (Shanxi Disciplines 2679 Party Members in the First Half of the Year)
Xinhua (via Net Ease), July 22, 2009

Green Dam
Asian Makers Ship PCs With China Web Filter
Wall Street Journal (Asia) (via Wall Street Journal (Asia)), July 23, 2009

Internet Censorship
China to Implement Program for Clean Online Games
Xinhua (via Xinhua), July 22, 2009

China Orders Internet Purge
Financial Times (via Financial Times), July 23, 2009

诽谤入罪成惯例 大陆网民说不!(图) (Libel Becomes A Common Criminal Charge, Internet Users Protest)
Radio Free Asia (via Radio Free Asia), July 22, 2009


Chinese Worker Commits Suicide Over Missing iPhone
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), July 22, 2009

公安部要求加强公安监管工作确保监管场所安全 (Ministry of Public Safety Calls on Strengthening Supervision for Public Security)
Xinhua (via Xinhua), July 23, 2009


鼓励双方均为独生子女夫妻生二胎 (Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission: We Encourage Those Who Fulfill Regulation's Conditions to Have Second Child)
Shanghai Morning Post, July 23, 2009

Protests and Petitions
多位上海访民公开接待日遭打压 (Petitioners in Shanghai Face Pressure )
Radio Free Asia (via Radio Free Asia), July 22, 2009

曾簽「免責協議書」 石首死者5家屬被拘 (Family of Deceased Shishou Protestors Sign "Disclaimer Agreement")
Ming Pao (via Ming Pao), July 23, 2009

China Says Falun Gong Ban 'Works'
BBC News (via BBC News), July 22, 2009

China Fears Ethnic Strife Could Agitate Uighur Oasis
New York Times (via New York Times), July 22, 2009