The HRIC Daily Brief is a daily selection of news stories and commentary related to human rights in China, drawn from Chinese- and English-language news and online media sources that we monitor daily. In addition to headlines and source links, HRIC also provides English translation of Chinese headlines.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


黄河第一大支流、陕西的“母亲河”渭河重度污染 (Largest Yellow River Tributary Seriously Polluted)
Radio Free Asia, November 26, 2012


Call for Action on Domestic Violence
China Daily, November 26, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

二十名李旺阳支持者关近半年后获释仍阻通讯 (20 Supporters of Li Wangyang Released after ~6mo Detention and House Arrest, Li's Family Still Incommunicado)
Radio Free Asia, November 26, 2012

維權人士許志永被拘阻聚餐 (Activist Xu Zhiyong Detained for over 24h to Prevent Attending a Group Dinner)
Ming Pao, November 27, 2012


Samsung Unearths Illegal Work Practices at Chinese Suppliers
The Guardian, November 26, 2012

加班在中国服装厂是家常便饭 (Working Overtime Common in China's Clothing Factories)
Deutsche Welle, November 26, 2012加班在中国服装厂是家常便饭/a-16406458

Land Policy

Illegal Land Use Cases Disclosed
China Daily, November 26, 2012

江苏宿迁南蔡乡被拆迁村民称受到恐吓 官方否认 (Jiangsu Village Government Denies Threatening Villagers to Compel to Relocate for Demolitions)
Southern Metropolis Daily, November 26, 2012


Viewpoint: Are Protests Moving China Backwards?
British Broadcasting Corporation, November 27, 2012


Tibetan Students Injured during Protests in China
The Guardian, November 26, 2012