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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Cyber Security

日媒指60%黑客來自中國 (Japan Claims 60% of Cyber Attacks Come from China)
Radio Television Hong Kong , June 06, 2013


The Houses Built on China's 'Poisoned' Land
Caijing Magazine, June 06, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

李旺陽忌日 妹及妹夫被禁外出 (Family of Li Wangyang, Tiananmen Activist Found Dead in 2012, Have Been Under House Arrest for One Year)
Radio Television Hong Kong , June 06, 2013

For more information on Li Wangyang see:
Relatives of Li Wangyang Being Held by Authorities
Human Rights in China, June 7, 2012

作家杜导斌遭抄家及刑拘 刘萍涉非法集会罪被逮捕 (Rights Defense Writer Du Daobin Criminally Detained for “Disorderly Conduct,” Liu Ping Formally Arrested for “Illegal Assembly”)
Radio Free Asia, June 06, 2013

International Relations (Human Rights, Security, Trade and Investment)

Michelle Obama Decides Not to Attend Crucial U.S.-China Californian Summit
The Daily Telegraph, June 05, 2013

奥习会将在加州沙漠小镇登场 非正式峰会晤谈世界大事 (Obama To Meet Xi Day after His Arrival, Xi Will Not Stay at Annenberg Estate)
Radio Free Asia, June 06, 2013

美华裔工程师在习近平到访前突获准返美 (On Eve of Xi Visit, Chinese American Engineer Suddenly Permitted to Return to U.S.)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 06, 2013

Venezuela Secures $4 Billion Funding From China
The Wall Street Journal, June 06, 2013

China Says EU Must Recognise Its Decline Amid Trade War
Financial Times, June 06, 2013

Chinese Gold Miners Abused and Raped Ghanaians, says Online Report
South China Morning Post, June 06, 2013

Interview: Why Did Kim Jong Un Dispatch Aide to China?
Radio Free Asia, June 05, 2013

June Fourth

香港六四烛光晚会吸引大量大陆人士参与 (Many Mainland Chinese Attended HK’s June Fourth Candlelight Vigil)
Radio Free Asia, June 06, 2013

美西海岸最大群雕“记住他们”落成 王维林入群雕 (“Champions for Humanity” Sculpture in Oakland Includes Tiananmen Tankman)
Radio Free Asia, June 06, 2013

梁振英:政府不評六四 董建華曾蔭權均曾評論 (HK Chief CY Leung Refuses to Comment on June Fourth)
Ming Pao, June 06, 2013

Chen Xitong Dies Ahead of Anniversary, Still Blamed for Crackdown
Radio Free Asia, June 05, 2013

Land, Property, Housing

南京拆迁办每天高音喇叭念政策 居民不堪其扰 (Nanjing Demolition Administration Urges Relocation with Loud Policy Broadcast Daily)
China National Radio, June 06, 2013

Political and Economic Reform

China's Constitution Appears Headed for the Growing List of Taboo Topics
South China Morning Post, June 06, 2013

中共党报呼吁当局摒弃错误维稳观念 (Party Paper Urges End to “Improper” Stability Maintenance Approach)
Radio Free Asia, June 06, 2013


Wealth, Power and an Iron Bowl: The Pursuit Of Happiness in Modern China
The Economic Observer, June 04, 2013

女生因唇裂8次面试被拒 父母欲卖房为女儿整形 (Cleft Lip Nursing Graduate Rejected Eight Times in Job Interviews)
China News Service, June 06, 2013