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Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16, 2005

Top news of the day

Detention –Zhang Lin (張林)
Rights group say human rights activist Zhang Lin to face trial soon
Chinesenewsnet, June 16, 2005
Human Rights in China (HRIC) reported that dissident writer Zhang Lin(張林), who had been detained on January 27 on his way to pay tribute to Zhao Ziyang, would face trial on June 21 with the charge of “subversion of state power and the overthrow of the socialist system under Article 105 of China’s Criminal Law”. Zhang’s comment on the lyrics of a punk rock song of a rock group Pangu was even used by the persecution as evidence for the indictment.

NGO / Public health – HIV Aids
China criticized of harassing Aids activists and restricting their activities in China
Voice of America, June 15, 2005
China was criticised of continuously harassing Aids activists and tightening restrictions on the work capacity of NGOs’ Aids programs in China, according to a human rights group’s report released yesterday. The group called for the authority’s genuine efforts to live up to its promises in fighting HIV/Aids in China.


Bilaterals - US/China
Clinton, Kerry among senators urging China to release dissident
AFX – Asia, June 16, 2005

Gender Issues – sexual discrimination
Women workers win China’s first sexual discrimination case in Chengdu
全国首例性别歧视案在成都宣判, June 16, 2005

Human Rights
Dissident Yuan Hongbing harassed by Chinese secret agents in Australia before
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2005

To ensure equal voting rights of people without Hukao in cities
China Youth Daily, June 16, 2005

Rights for China's workers
San Francisco Chronicle, June 15, 2005

Labour - Law
‘No contract does not mean no employment relationship’, according to new labour regulations
The Beijing News, June 16, 2005

Executed for murder, but 'victim' alive
SCMP, June 16, 2005

Law – legal professions
Lawyers: We are not fighting for our own rights
Legal Daily, June 16, 2005

Media-press freedom
China orders media silence on village clash
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, June 14, 2005

New scheme helps city's homeless
China Daily, June 15, 2005

Protests and petitions
Chinese officials purged after riot
China National News, June 15, 2005

Public health
Nine steps set for fighting AIDS, June 15, 2005

Artists fight to save their village from demolition
SCMP, June 16, 2005

Hong Kong
Democrat blames the system
SCMP, June 16, 2005

North Korea
North Korean Defector Wants Bush To Pressure China
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2005

Analysis of Uighurs separatist activities in Xinjiang
Voice of America, June 15, 2005