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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

18th Party Congress

Chinese Citizens Reluctant to Voice Choices
The Globe and Mail, November 13, 2012

十八大女代表:女性代表仅占23% 比重还须提高 (PC Rep: Only 23% Reps Are Female--Need to Raise the Proportion)
The Beijing News, November 14, 2012

中央释放信号:改革社会组织“双轨制” (Beijing Releases a Signal: Dual-track Reforms for Civil Society Organizations)
The Beijing News, November 14, 2012


NGO Calls for More Transparency of HIV/AIDS Programs for Children
Global Times, November 14, 2012

中国艾滋病和儿童权利民间报告  (Civil Society Report on HIV/AIDS and Children's Rights in China)
Beijing Aizhixing Institute, November 12, 2012


Chinese Authorities Putting Pressure on Businesses to Help Censor the Web
The New York Times, November 13, 2012


最高法院:審案99%服判 學者:無可能 (Supreme People's Court: 99% of Appeal Rulings Accepted; Scholar: Not Possible)
Ming Pao, November 14, 2012


China’s Great Shame
The New York Times, November 13, 2012

For a review of Tombstone, see:
Historical Documents of the Sins of the Mao Era
China Rights Forum, 2009, no. 2


藏區公安懸賞20萬 緝自焚「黑手」 (Gannan Tibetan Autom Prefecture, Gansu Police Offer 200K Reward for Self-immolation Instigators)
Ming Pao, November 14, 2012