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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hong Kong

Beijing Set to End the Bickering
South China Morning Post, February 29, 2012

June Fourth

兩會前夕 天安門母親要真相 (Tiananmen Mothers Call for the Truth)
China News Agency, March 01, 2012
For the Tiananmen Mothers' Open Letter, see:
Tiananmen Mothers Urge Government Dialogue to Resolve June Fourth Massacre
Human Rights in China, February 29, 2012


Stability a Buzzword for Upcoming Sessions
Xinhua News Agency, March 01, 2012


Tibetan Writer Says China Blocks Her from Award
The Associated Press, March 01, 2012
See also Woeser's statement on the incident:
Tsering Woeser, March 01, 2012
Under Lockdown: Life inside Dissident Tibetan Town
The Associated Press, February 29, 2012

甘孜藏人炸村政府身亡 学者吁当局真正实行民族自治 (Garze: Tibetan Dies in Attempt to Destroy Government Building)
Radio Free Asia, February 29, 2012


China Accuses Ethnic Separatists in Xinjiang Killings
Voice of America, February 29, 2012

中国当局试图淡化新疆暴力事件 (Authorities Try to Downplay Violence)
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 29, 2012