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Friday, September 15, 2006

September 15, 2006

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender - Zhu Yufu (朱虞夫)
民运人士朱虞夫刑满出狱 狱中受虐待生不如死” (Dissident Zhu Yufu Released from Jail, Complains of Torture)
Radio Free Asia, September 14, 2006
Chinese Democratic Party member Zhu Yufu (朱虞夫) was released on September 14 after serving seven years in prison on a subversion charge. In an interview with Radio Free Asia, Zhu speaks of his years in prison and the torture and mistreatment he endured.

Protests and Petitions
新会警民冲突拘4(Four Protestors Arrested as Villagers Clash with Police in Guangdong Province)
Ming Pao, September 15, 2006
Hundreds of people clashed with riot police in Shadui Township (沙堆镇) in Guangdong Province on September 12 and 13, leaving some villagers hospitalized. Four were placed under criminal detention. The crowd was protesting the non-issuance of voting certificates to 300 villagers for local elections. The authorities allegedly did not want them to vote for undesirable representatives, who may pursue the villagers’ demands over a land acquisition dispute dating back to 2003. Anonymous villagers said they will escalate their action if the detained are not released and if there is no investigation over the land and election disputes before September 18.

Bilateral Ties
Merkel Stresses Human and Media Rights with China's Wen
Deutsche Welle, September 14, 2006,2144,2174217,00.html

China Accuses News Agencies of Tax Abuse
Financial Times, September 15, 2006

中央斥甘湘地方环保失职 (Central Government Criticizes Local Government in Lead Poisoning Case)
Ming Pao, September 15, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Lawyer - Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
陈光诚案二审举证 揭官刑讯证人逼作假 (Witnesses Claim They Were Tortured into Making False Allegations Against Chen Guangcheng)
Radio Free Asia, September 14, 2006

Battle over Xinhua’s Plan to Control Rival Agencies
Financial Times, September 15, 2006

China Paper Suspends Cartoonist for Drawing Hu Crying
Reuters (via YahooNews), September 15, 2006

中国评论﹕新闻新规搞出个大头佛 (Commentary: New Measures Against Foreign News Agencies Already Causing Trouble)
Ming Pao, September 15, 2006

对司法影响最多的并非传媒 (Influence of Local Governments on Courts Is Stronger than Media)
Nanfang City News, September 15, 2006

柳斌杰:中国政府对于外国媒体机构开放的政策没有变化 (GAPP Official Claims Beijing's Policy on Foreign Press Is as Open as Before)
Xinhuanet, September 14, 2006

Restrictions Eased on Access for HK Films
China Daily, September 14, 2006

US Suspects China Developing Biological, Chemical Weapons
AFP (via YahooNews), September 15, 2006

北京奥运立法进入实施阶段 (Olympic Laws Enter Implementation Stage)
China Youth Daily, September 15, 2006

Mao Is Their Canvas
Los Angeles Times, September 14, 2006

Only-child-generation Bearing Heavy Burden
China News, September 14, 2006

Protests and Petitions
兰州商学院学生与警察发生冲突 (Lanzhou Commercial College Students Clash with Police)
Radio Free Asia, September 14, 2006

Public Health
China on the Couch: Psychologists Struggle to Meet Demand
Radio Free Asia, September 14, 2006

SARS: No Evidence That Any of the Treatments Worked
Medical News Today, September 14, 2006

Clandestinely Ordained Young Bishop Taken away by Force in China
Indian Catholic, September 14, 2006