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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hong Kong

Anger at 'Beijing Media Meddling'
South China Morning Post, March 23, 2012

Hackers Attack Hong Kong "Civil Referendum" ahead of Poll
Reuters, March 23, 2012


被拘网友申请行政复议听证 (Netizen Detained for Post Applies for Administrative Review)
Southern Metropolis Daily, March 23, 2012


Online Rumour Fills Information Void in Jittery China
Agence France-Presse, March 23, 2012

Security Officials Summoned to Beijing
Radio Free Asia, March 22, 2012

中国:缺乏政治信息透明度使公众极度焦躁 (Lack of Transparency in Politics Leads to an Anxious Public)
Radio France Internationale, March 23, 2012中国/20120323-中国:缺乏政治信息透明度使公众焦躁


衛生部承諾取消死囚器官捐獻 (Ministry of Health: China to Abolish Prisoner Organ Donations)
Yangtse Evening Post, March 23, 2012


北京守望教会信徒被国安人员骚扰 江苏山东都发生信徒被打压事件 (Beijing: House Church Members Harassed by State Security Officers)
Radio Free Asia, March 22, 2012