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Thursday, September 01, 2022

China's Reach (中国:内控与外扩)

U.N. Says China May Have Committed ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang

The New York Times, September 1, 2022

For Uyghurs, U.N. Report on China’s Abuses Is Long-Awaited Vindication
The New York Times, September 1, 2022

OHCHR Assessment of human rights concerns in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China
UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, August 31, 2022

Rights groups call for inquiries into Uyghur abuses in China after damning UN report
The Guardian, September 1, 2022

China slams UN report on Xinjiang as ‘political tool,’ calls int’l body’s human rights office a ‘thug’ of the US
Hong Kong Free Press, September 1, 2022

China revealing its plan for Taiwan invasion, island’s foreign minister says
Deutsche Welle, September 1, 2022

专访台湾外交部长吴钊燮:中国正为入侵我们作预演(Interview with Taiwan's foreign minister Joseph Wu: China is in rehearsal to invade us)
Deutsche Welle, September 1, 2022

Human Rights Defenders & Civil Society (人权捍卫者与公民社会)

上海著名人权捍卫者季孝龙再次被带走 至今未获释放(Well-known Shanghai rights defender Ji Xiaolong is taken away again by police, day after sending open letter to the city’s Party secretary)
Weiquanwang, September 1, 2022

Chinese police crack down on petitioners, dissidents ahead of 20th party congress
Radio Free Asia, August 31, 2022

Ai Weiwei’s La Commedia Umana – a tribute to the ‘ultimate freedom’
Financial Times, September 1, 2022

Sedition law has been abolished in multiple countries, Hong Kong court hears during radio host’s mitigation plea
Hong Kong Free Press, September 1, 2022

Citizen sues Secretary for Justice for injury by police during 2019 protest
The Standard, September 1, 2022

Hong Kong’s "yellow" companies see persecution in COVID crackdown
Aljazeera, September 1, 2022

Law & Policy (法律与政策)

China’s new cross-border data transfer law takes effect, saddling firms with increased paperwork, compliance costs, scrutiny
South China Morning Post, September 1, 2022

Current Topics (热门话题)

China’s Communist Party points to ‘continuity’ at congress, observers say
South China Morning Post, August 31, 2022

Chengdu locks down 21.2 million as Chinese cities battle COVID
Reuters, September 1, 2022

北京报告称中国网民规模10.5亿(CNNIC reports China has 1.05 billion netizens)
Radio France Internationale, August 31, 2022

CNNIC发第50次《中国互联网络发展状况统计报告》(CNNIC issues the 50th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China)
China Internet Network Information Center, August 31, 2022

"Why should I get jabs?", as vaccination rules kick in with students back to school
The Standard, September 1, 2022

【Emily】中大民調:76%人無支持任何政黨政團 [CUHK poll: 76% of people do not support any political party or group
Mingpao News, September 1, 2022

Commentary & Analysis (评论与分析)

China: New UN Report Alleges Crimes Against Humanity
Human Rights Watch, August 31, 2022

China: Deciphering the Beidaihe Meeting
The Diplomat, August 31, 2022