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Monday, July 06, 2020

Xinjiang (新疆)

Uighur Exiles Push for Court Case Accusing China of Genocide
The New York Times, July 6, 2020

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Xu Zhangrun, outspoken critic of Xi Jinping, detained by police in Beijing
The Guardian, July 6, 2020

Access to Information (公众知情权)

英媒2013年中国发现新冠病毒说增细节 或涉武汉病毒实验室 (British media: China discovered a new coronavirus in 2013)
Radio France Internationale, July 6, 2020

世卫更改新冠时间表:首报不是中国政府 (New WHO timeline on COVID-19: first report did not come from Chinese government)
Deutsche Welle, July 4, 2020

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong security law – Police handed power to do warrantless searches, freeze assets, intercept comms, control internet
Hong Kong Free Press, July 6, 2020

Implementation Rules for Article 43 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region gazetted
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Press Releases, July 6, 2020

國安法「禁網」可無手令要求服務商供出用戶 警方擁域外執法權 (The National Security Law gives police power to censor Internet, request users information from ISPs without warrant)
CitizenNews, July 7, 2020

Security law: Hong Kong police arrest 8 at ‘blank placard’ silent protest
Hong Kong Free Press, July 6, 2020

Hong Kong gov’t tells schools to remove books breaching security law
Agence France-Presse, July 6, 2020

'Hidden language': Hongkongers get creative against security law
The Guardian, July 4, 2020

【新聞教室】全球19國與港簽有引渡協議 加拿大首先暫停執行 (Canada is first among 19 countries to suspend extradition agreements with Hong Kong )
HK01, July 4, 2020

港區國安法|駱惠寧獲任命國家安全委員會國家安全事務顧問 鄭雁雄任維護國家安全公署署長 (PRC State Council appoints Luo Huining, head of Liaison office, as National Security Affairs Advisor to National Security Committee, and Zheng Yanxiong as Director of the Office for Safeguarding National Security (OSNS))
Ming Pao, July 3, 2020

區國安法|港區國安委成立 劉賜蕙獲任命副警務處長 擔任國安部門負責人 (Edwina Lau Chi Wai is designated as Deputy Commissioner of Police and Director of the Department for Safeguarding National Security (HKPF DSNS))
Ming Pao, July 3, 2020

港區國安法|6裁判官獲任命為指定法官 處理危害國家安全犯罪案件 (Carrie Lam designates 6 magistrates to handle national security—related cases)
Ming Pao, July 3, 2020

港區國安法|港澳辦副主任鄧中華:人大常委會非單次獲授權 未來可按情況續制訂國安法 (Deng Zhonghua, Deputy Director of HKMAO: NPC Standing Committee being authorized to make law for Hong Kong will not be the last; it can make more laws related to national security in future)
Ming Pao, July 4, 2020

公安部:全力支持配合駐港國安署 共同社:200至300武警「觀察員」或駐港 (Ministry of Public Security to provide full support to OSNS; Kyodo News: China may deploys 200 to 300 armed police “observers” to station in Hong Kong)
Ming Pao, July 4, 2020

檢討港台管治管理專責組7.15展開工作 (Special committee will begin reviewing RTHK's management from July 15)
Ming Pao, July 6, 2020

【國安法生效】中英條文有出入 英文版增監督「大學」字眼 (Discrepancy between Chinese and English versions of National Security Law: “universities” appears in English version only)
The Stand News, July 5, 2020

港獨、光時口號被禁 「白紙抗爭」成新常態 網民明發起舉白紙行動 (“Blank paper protest” is the new normal after government bans certain protest slogans)
The Stand News, July 5, 2020

【禁書時代來臨】公共圖書館下架黃之鋒、陳淑莊、陳雲著作 職員指因國安法須覆檢 (Public libraries’ removal of books by Joshua Wong, Tanya Chan, and Chan Wan off shelves sparks concerns over censorship)
The Stand News, July 4, 2020

教育局通知全港學校 包括幼稚園特殊學校 均須教國安法 (Education Bureau notifies all Hong Kong schools, including kindergarten and special schools, to include National Security Law in curriculum)
The Stand News, July 4, 2020

警方:不會公開國家安全處部門人手編制 (Police will not disclose staffing details of the OSNS)
Radio Television Hong Kong, July 4, 2020

联合国人权高专办称国安法条款“模糊” 恐危害基本自由 (The UNOHCHR calls articles of the National Security Law for Hong Kong “vague and overly broad” and threats to basic freedom)
Voice of America, July 4, 2020

Hong Kong, Changed Overnight, Navigates Its New Reality

The New York Times, July 6, 2020

Hong Kong Opens Door to China’s Hulking Security State

The New York Times, July 3, 2020

Businesses in Hong Kong fear collateral damage from security law

financial Times, July 3, 2020

國安法下港人刪帖 勿讓「恐懼入侵人心」 (Under National Security Law, Hong Kong people rush to remove social media posts and chat records)
Deutsche Welle, July 3, 2020

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

Facebook and WhatsApp pause Hong Kong user data requests
The Guardian, July 6, 2020

Commentary (评论)

How China Scammed Hong Kong

The New York Times, July 3, 2020

专访方方 « 武汉日记 »英译者白睿文
Radio France Internationale, July 2, 2020

面临国际反感和反弹 孔子学院更名
Voice of America, July 6, 2020