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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Corruption (腐败)

中紀委網站開設專欄發佈落馬官員懺悔書 (Anti-graft agency launches section for dismissed officials’ confessions)
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 26, 2015

“Stay tuned” as China readies to publish corruption confessions
Reuters, February 25, 2015

沉重的忏悔,深刻的警醒——本网推出"忏悔录"专栏 (Remorseful confession, profound realization: our website [CCDI] launches “Confessions” section)
The Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC, February 26, 2015

Hong Kong (香港)

曾俊华发布新预算案特别眷顾占中“受害者”及增加维稳费 (New budget from HK finance secretary addresses “victims” of Occupy Movement and increases stability maintenance fees)
Radio France Internationale, February 26, 2015中国/20150226-曾俊华发布新预算案特别眷顾占中“受害者”及增加维稳费/

Human Rights Defenders (人权卫士)

Hillary Clinton “gave in” to China says Chen Guangcheng
The Telegraph, February 25, 2015

Law (法律)

China narrows definition of terrorism in draft law by deleting “thoughts” from list of liable offences
South China Morning Post, February 26, 2015

全国人大常委会审议反恐怖主义法(草案)(Standing Committee of NPC reviews draft counter-terrorism law), February 26, 2015

法院可依法直接认定恐怖活动组织和人员 (Draft counter-terrorism law permits courts to directly identify organizations and individuals involved in terrorism), February 26, 2015

Political and Economic Reform (政治经济改革)

China's top court rejects judicial independence as “erroneous thought”
The Guardian, February 26, 2015

After the “Three Represents,” China pushes “Four Comprehensives”
Reuters, February 26, 2015

坚持严格公正司法 坚持从严管理队伍 为协调推进“四个全面”提供有力司法保障 (Persevere in strict impartial justice andmanagement of officialdom, provide effective judicial protection for coordinated implementation of “four comprehensives”), February 26, 2015

China's Xi Jinping unveils new “four comprehensives” slogans
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 25, 2015

从“四个全面”读懂中国治国理政新思路 (Understand China’s new ideas for governance through the “four comprehensives”)
Legal Daily, February 26, 2015

Women (妇女)

China’s feminists stand up against “misogynistic” TV gala
The Washington Post, February 26, 2015

Anger after China's Lunar New Year Gala mocks “manly” women
CNN, February 25, 2015

XUAR (新疆维吾尔自治区)

China's fertile ground for Islamic State
Bloomberg, February 25, 2015

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

Xi Jinping: China’s undecided “decider”
The Diplomat, February 25, 2015

China must uphold religious freedom in new year
Aljazeera, February 26, 2015