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Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13, 2006

Top News of the Day

Media - Internet Censorship
Chief Says Google Won't Fight Chinese Censorship
New York Times, April 12, 2006

Google's chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, said the Internet company - which is launching a new Chinese service in China and has agreed to filter out sensitive keywords - has no plan to challenge Beijing's control over freedom of speech.

Google’s ‘Old Dog’ Taught Chinese Tricks
Financial Times, April 13, 2006


Death Penalty
两高:死刑二审两种情形 证人鉴定人须出庭 (Higher Courts and Higher Procuratorates Issue Notice: Witnesses and Forensic Experts Must Testify in Death Penalty Appeal Cases Under Certain Situations)
People's Daily, April 13, 2006

Human Rights Defenders – Journalists - Ching Cheong (程翔)
香港记协发起要求释放程翔联署签名 (Hong Kong Journalists' Association Launches New Signature Campaign to Appeal for Release of Correspondent Ching Cheong)
Radio Free Asia, April 12, 2006

Human Rights Defenders - Internet Activists – Li Jianping (李建平)
山东省异见人士李建平案审结等候法院判决 (Shandong Dissident Writer Li Jianping Awaits Ruling After Trial)
Radio Free Asia, April 12, 2006

Flesh and Spirit Crushed on Dark Side of Mining
The Standard, April 13, 2006

Law - Constitution
Constitutional Overhaul Is Inevitable, Legal Scholar Says
SCMP, April 13, 2006

Watchdog Says No Foreign Reports
SCMP, April 13, 2006

富人超生,用钱就能买来通行证吗?(Can Rich People Buy “Permits” to Allow Them to Have More than One Child?), April 12, 2006

Protests and Petitions
汕头8000警民对打传1死 (One Woman Killed and Dozens Injured in Clash with Police in Shantou)
Ming Pao, April 13, 2006

Riot Police End Housing Estate Protest
SCMP, April 13, 2006

Six Villagers Hurt in Clash With Police in Shantou
SCMP, April 13, 2006

深圳罗湖周三发生大规模警民对峙事件 (Large-Scale Standoff Between Police and Residents Breaks Out in Shenzhen)
Radio Free Asia, April 12, 2006

莆田失地村民向法院提交行政起诉书 (Villagers in Fujian Province File Lawsuit Over Land Grab)
Radio Free Asia, April 12, 2006

泉州工厂长期污染引发当地村民的暴力抗议 (Villagers in Fujian Province Stage Violent Protest over Factory Pollution)
Radio Free Asia, April 12, 2006

Beijing, the Vatican and the Zen Factor
Asia Times Online, April 13, 2006

Falun Gong Lies Slammed by Hospital
People's Daily, April 13, 2006

世界佛教论坛幕 班禅罕露面 (Panchen Lama Appointed by China Makes Rare Appearance at World Buddhist Forum in Beijing)
BBC, April 13, 2006

China's Snub to Dalai Lama Due to Concerns of 'Disharmony'
AFP (via YahooNews), April 12, 2006