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Thursday, April 28, 2005

April 28, 2005


Death Penalty
Mugger sentenced to death in Zhengzhou for killing police at the time of arrest
CRI Online, April 27, 2005

Former NPC deputy Sang Yuechun sentenced to death for corruption and organised crimes
Legal Daily, April 28, 2005

Detention – Tang Ye
Clerk arrested for promoting unrest
SCMP, April 28, 2005

Gender Issues – Domestic violence
Some reflections on a murder case by an abused Chongqing woman: who should be blamed for long standing domestic violence
China Youth Daily, April 28, 2005

Government – Civil service
Official to citizen ratio is 1:197, not 1:26, clarifies Civil Service Development
人事部澄清:中国官民比目前是1:197而非1:26, April 28, 2005

Law-Legal reforms
236 People’s Jurors starts hearing case with judge next month in Guangdong, yet jurors’ duties and responsibilities remain ambiguous
人民陪审员权明责不明? 广州236名各行业人士下月起与法官同权断案
Nanfang Daily, April 28, 2005

Various foreign publications to be closed for violating media laws
多种违法外文报刊将被依法查处取缔, April 28, 2005

Media - press freedom
China paper sees 'evil plot' in anti-Japan protests
International Herald Tribune, April 27, 2005

Report on the work of and case trying in the Disciplinary Court of CPC
Nanfang Daily, April 28, 2005

Public Health-HIV-Aids / Government – Civil Service
New Civil Service Law not discriminate against Aids candidates to take civil service exams, but officials say difficult in practice
公务员报考不再排除艾滋感染者 实际操作有难度, April 28, 2005

Xinjiang: On the new frontier, April 27, 2005

Hong Kong – Basic Law
Beijing's view on HK's new chief
SCMP, April 28, 2005