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Friday, February 25, 2005

February 25, 2005

Top news of the day

June 4th – prisoners – Zhao Ziyang
Lawyer quit in the midst of stiff pressures over Lin Mu’s lawsuit against police’s illegal detention
Voice of America, February 24, 2005
Gao Zhisheng (高智晟), one of the lawyer of Li Mu (林枚)’s lawsuit against Xian police for illegal detention, decided to withdraw from the case yesterday. Yet, the withdrawal is believed to be related to stiff political pressures from the government and the communist party on the lawsuit.

Protests and petitions - UN
Activists call on UN to intervene over rights
SCMP, February 25, 2005
106 mainland political activists submitted a petition letter to the UN calling for intervention in China’s human rights issues and the release of several dissidents including Shi Tao (師濤), Ye Guozhu (葉國柱), Zhao Xin (趙昕) and Zhang Lin (張林).


The development of National School Fees Sponsorship Scheme
China Youth Daily, February 25, 2005

Two fundamental directions for fixing existing education policy
Nanfang Weekend, February 24, 2005

Chinese woman, 104, can stay
SCMP, February 25, 2005

June 4th – EU arms ban
EU trade commissioner urges China to provide solid evidence to justify EU’s move to lift arms ban
Radio Free Asia, February 25, 2005

Europe sees ending China arms embargo as way to better ties
International Herald Tribune, February 25, 2005

China Arms Embargo Not What It Seems
AP via, February 24, 2005

Government – civil service
Bureaucrats lose chance of another pay increase
SCMP, February 25, 2005

3 major shortcomings of China’s hukou systems provokes the needs for new law
我国户籍管理制度存三大弊端 将制定新户籍法, February 24, 2005

Multilaterals - UN
UN hits out at China's judicial system for political and arbitrary bias
AFP, Feb 25, 2005
The United Nations has urged China to better safeguard constitutionally protected rights and criticised Beijing for arbitrarily jailing those who peacefully voice religious and political views.

Protests and petitions
Amendments to Improve Petition System
China Daily, February 24, 2005
Approved by the State Council on January 5, newly revised regulation on citizen petitions, which will take effect on May 1, signals the government's determination to bring the petition system in line with the changing times and create a more harmonious society.

Public health – HIV aids
China Must Expand AIDS Fight – UNICEF
Reuters via, February 25, 2005

Rural issues - migrants
Province Sets up Worker Database
China Daily, February 25. 2005
An information certificate system for rural laborers from northeast Heilongjiang Province is expected to be completed later this year.

Rural issues - development
Rural Social Security System Vital to Nation's Development
China Daily, February 24, 2005
The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has hammered out a plan for establishing a social security system in China's rural areas, according to the 21st Century Business Herald.

Three Gorges
Chongqing focuses on Three Gorges diaspora
SCMP, February 25, 2005