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Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28, 2006

Top News of the Day

Human Rights Defenders / Media - Shi Tao (师涛)
香港私隐专员公署受理对雅虎香港侵犯师涛隐私的投诉 (Hong Kong Privacy Commission Formally Files Complaint Against Yahoo! Holdings (HK) for Releasing Shi Tao’s Information to Chinese Government)
Radio Free Asia, April 27, 2006

A Hong Kong government privacy commission has formally filed a complaint against Yahoo! Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd. for providing the Chinese government with personal information about Shi Tao, which ultimately led to his current 10-year prison sentence. In addition, Reporters Without Borders says it has requested the Chinese government to release Shi Tao on medical parole due to his worsening health condition.

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Family of Jailed Chinese Reporter Fears for His Health
China National News, April 27, 2006


云南破获诱拐贩卖儿童集团 28人获救 (28 Abducted Children Rescued in Yunnan), April 27, 2006

Death Penalty
表哥绑架杀害表弟被判死刑 (Man Gets Death Sentence for Kidnapping and Murdering Cousin)
The Beijing News, April 28, 2006

中国警察打死警察 一审两名被告判死刑 (Two Policemen Sentenced to Death for Killing Fellow Policeman), April 27, 2006

Death Penalty / Case (Government Officials)
河北原外经贸厅副厅长李友灿被执行死刑(Former Trade Official in Hebei Executed for Taking Bribes)
Radio Free Asia, April 27, 2006

Economic Development
Incomes Up over 10pc in Urban, Rural Areas
SCMP, April 28, 2006

Education / Law
义务教育法修订草案明确,义务教育是国家必须予以保障的公益性事业 (Draft of Compulsory Education Law Stresses Government's Obligation to Provide Free Education)
Legal Daily, April 28, 2006

Education / Rural Issues
农村义务教育经费新机制遭遇五大新问题 (Five Problems in New Fee Structure of Compulsory Education in Rural Areas)
China Youth Online, April 28, 2006

Environment / Three Gorges
三峡库区八成污水未处理 (80 Percent of Sewage in Three Gorges Area is Left Untreated)
Ming Pao, April 28, 2006

Environment / Olympics
Drivers Face New Ban in Capital's Pollution Battle
SCMP, April 28, 2006

Hong Kong
Scholar Suggests New Change to Basic Law
SCMP, April 28, 2006

Human Rights Defenders / Media -Yang Tianshui (杨天水)
Chinese Internet Writer Charged with Subversion
Reuters (via YahooNews), April 27, 2006

Human Rights Defenders / Bilateral Ties
美众院敦促北京恢复高智晟律师事务所的执业权 (US House of Representatives Urges Beijing to Reinstate Law Firm of Gao Zhisheng)
Radio Free Asia, April 27, 2006

保护劳动者权益步伐再快点 (Legislation on Protecting Rights of Workers Picks up Pace)
Legal Daily, April 28, 2006

Labor / Government
知识青年下乡热潮再起 (Surge in Numbers of University Graduates Looking for Work in Rural Areas)
China Youth Daily, April 28, 2006

人大讨论修法保障律师权利 (NPC to Discuss Revising Criminal Procedure Law to Protect Lawyers)
BBC, April 27, 2006

Media / Human Rights Defenders - Wu Hao (吴皓)
记者无国界指责中国当局绑架吴皓 (Reporters Without Borders Accuses China of Kidnapping Wu Hao)
Voice of America, April 27, 2006

North Korea / Bilateral Ties
US Presses China on North Korean Refugees
Voice of America, April 27, 2006

Protests and Petitions
官方留闸不治水 波美水闸仍纷争 (Bomei Sluice Gate Still Under Dispute)
Radio Free Asia, April 27, 2006

广东开平千人示威不满倒卖土地与警察推撞 (Thousands of Villagers in Guangdong Clash with Police in Protest over Land Dispute), April 27, 2006

Public Health / Corruption
Crackdown on Medical Firms' Hospital Bribes
SCMP, April 28, 2006

Public Health
China Reports 18th Human Bird Flu Case
Reuters (via YahooNews), April 27, 2006;_ylt=An

福建规定定点医院不得拒收流浪病人 (Fujian Regulation Requires Certain Hospitals to Accept Homeless in Need of Medical Treatment), April 27, 2006