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Monday, October 09, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

云南“邪教案”多名基督徒被判刑4年 (Christians in “cult case” in Yunnan sentenced to four years in prison)
Radio Free Asia, October 7, 2017

公安部:各地大力加强社会治安防范 (Ministry of Public Security: local bureaus to strengthen security in societies and take precautions)
Central People’s Government, October 6, 2017

Access to Information (信息公开)

Facebook blocks Chinese billionaire who tells tales of corruption
The New York Times, October 9, 2017

自由派学者何方出殯 当局下令抹去悼词“唤起民众 实现宪政” (“Awaken the public and realize constitutionalism” removed by Chinese authorities from eulogy of liberal scholar He Fang)
Radio France Internationale, October 9, 2017中国/20171009-自由派学者何方出殯-当局下令抹去悼词唤起民众-实现宪政

忧与"六四"相比 中国封杀《逆权司机》升级 (China beefs up censorship of movie “A Taxi Driver”, fearing association with June Fourth)
Radio France Internationale, October 8, 2017中国/20171008-忧与六四相比-中国封杀逆权司机升级

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Chinese factory supplying major laptop brands accused of student labor abuses
The Guardian, October 6, 2017

Government Accountability (政府问责)

5年處分200萬黨員 佔總數2% (2 million CPC members punished during past 5 years, 2% of the entire Party membership)
Mingpao, October 9, 2017

国家公务员局有关负责同志就《聘任制公务员管理规定(试行)》进行解读 (Spokesperson for State Administration of Civil Service explains “Management Regulations on Government Official Employment System (Pilot)”)
Central People’s Government, October 6, 2017

China’s corrupt “tigers” tipped to be a rarer sight but plenty of “flies” left to swat
South China Morning Post, October 9, 2017

Friends in high places: Xi Jinping’s determined path to control
South China Morning Post, October 8, 2017

China congress: Military facelift a sign of bigger changes
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 8, 2017

Chinese watchdog says 1.34 million officials punished for graft since 2013
Reuters, October 8, 2017

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

China congress: Military facelift a sign of bigger changes
South China Morning Post, October 6, 2017

National Security & Counterterrorism (国家安全和反恐)

19大超级维稳 搭火车进北京要“人脸辨识” (Intensive stability maintenance demands train passengers going to Beijing get their faces scanned for identification as 19th National Party Congress looms)
Radio France Internationale, October 9, 2017中国/20171009-19大维稳-搭火车进北京要人脸辨识

新疆地方大力反恐 刀具未挂锁链被拘遭质疑 (Xinjiang upscales counterterrorism efforts and detains store owners for not putting knives in chains)
Radio Free Asia, October 8, 2017

烟台三家酒店不按规定登记住宿,违反反恐法均被罚10万元 (Three hotels in Yantai fined 100,000 yuan for violation of Counterterrorism Law after failing to register residents properly)
The Paper, October 6, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

林鄭月娥:香港在大灣區建設下 將迎來更大發展機遇 (Carrie Lam: Hong Kong will have bigger opportunities under the development of Greater Bay Area)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 9, 2017

Hong Kong football fans boo China national anthem
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 6, 2017

Joshua Wong never thought he’d be jailed over Occupy—but prison will only make him stronger, father says
South China Morning Post, October 8, 2017

Lawmaker Junius Ho to face probe over call for Hong Kong independence advocates to be “killed mercilessly”
South China Morning Post, October 6, 2017

Human rights in China worsen as Beijing extends reach to Hong Kong: Report
Radio Free Asia, October 6, 2017

2017 Annual Report
Congressional-Executive Commission on China, October 5, 2017

Commentary (评论)

How the Chinese cyberthreat has evolved
The Conversation, October 5, 2017

Some problems with China’s domestic violence warning system
China Law Translate, October 5, 2017

After the Umbrella movement: healing a divided city must start with truthfulness
Hong Kong Free Press, October 7, 2017

As Catalans call a referendum, we dare not risk China’s wrath in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Free Press, October 8, 2017