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Friday, September 03, 2010

September 03, 2010

Civil Society

北京益仁平遭警调查同事电脑遭黑客入侵 (Beijing Yirenping Center Raided, Staff E-mail Hacked)
Radio Free Asia, September 02, 2010
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Police Question Staff of HIV-Rights Group
South China Morning Post, September 03, 2010
南京一打工子弟小学3个年级突然停办 (Nanjing: School for Migrant Children Abruptly Terminates Classes for 3 Grades)
Yangtse Evening Post, September 03, 2010

高校新生被强迫买手机 收到"不买无法入学"通知 (College Freshmen Forced to Buy New Cell Phones from School)
China Radio International, September 03, 2010

Food Security
12村民死亡疑与水库养鱼污染有关 当地调查后否认 (Contaminated Fish Allegedly Cause 12 Deaths )
China News Service, September 03, 2010

Hong Kong
Student Activist Found Not Guilty of Assault
South China Morning Post, September 03, 2010

Human Rights Defender -- Chen Guangcheng, 陈光诚
陈光诚即将刑满 出狱后与家人自由状况受关注 (Blind Activist Chen Guangcheng to Soon Fulfil His Sentence)
Radio Free Asia, September 02, 2010
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Human Rights in China: Incorporating Responsibility 2008
A Dearth of Work for China's College Grads
Business Week, September 02, 2010

Rules and Reality: New Guidelines to Ban Coerced Confessions Will Be Tested in a Case before China's Top Court
South China Morning Post, September 02, 2010

Identity Crackdown Hits SIM Card Sales
South China Morning Post, September 03, 2010

China Census Highlights Growing Rights Awareness
Associated Press, September 02, 2010

婚外生子 社会抚养费超25万 (Chongqing Regulations Order Fines of 250K for Kids Born out of Wedlock)
Chongqing Economic Times, September 03, 2010

Public Health
China Sees More Thyroid Problems
China Daily, September 03, 2010

Abstinence Program Partners Chinese Officials with U.S. Evangelicals
The Washington Post, September 02, 2010

Mormon Church Officials Talking with Chinese
Associated Press, August 31, 2010

方言节目不得多于普通话节目 (Draft Dongguan Measures: Non-Mandarin TV Programmes Cannot Exceed Number of Mandarin Programmes)
Southern Metropolis Daily, September 03, 2010

State Security
China Boosts Surveillance
Radio Free Asia, September 02, 2010