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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Two months on, lawyers for China's detained attorneys still don't know where they are
Radio Free Asia, September 10, 2015

Wang Qiaoling's battle to find missing lawyer husband, Li Heping
British Broadcasting Corporation, September 10, 2015

Mass suppression of lawyers reveals true nature of Xi’s “rule by law”
Human Rights in China, July 16, 2015

Letter to President Obama. Re: Xi Jinping Visit
Human Rights in China, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International USA et. al., September 9, 2015

习访美前舆论关注高瑜取保候审案 (International concern about Gao Yu’s pending trial in the run-up to Xi’s visit to US)
Voice of America, September 9, 2015

反家暴离不开德法共治 (Anti-domestic violence inseparable from good laws and public governance)
Legal Daily, September 9, 2015

Anhui court apologizes to 19 wrongfully convicted in scam case
Caixin, September 9, 2015

司法部部署在监狱罪犯中开展专题教育活动, 用爱国主义和法治精神熏陶罪犯 (Ministry of Justice launches educational activities for inmates—uses patriotism, nationalism, and the spirit of rule of law to train criminals)
Legal Daily, September 9, 2015

第二届中欧法律援助研讨会在京召开, 赵大程出席开幕式并致辞 (Second Sino-European Seminar on Legal Aid opens, Zhao Dacheng convenes and delivers speech)
Legal Daily, September 9, 2015

Access to Information (信息公开)

推进计生信息公开 (Promoting openness for family planning information)
Anhui Online, September 8, 2015

刑事执法要遵从公开透明原则 (Criminal law enforcement must comply with the principle of public transparency)
Legal Daily, September 9, 2015

Minitrue: All’s well on Tibet anniversary
China Digital Times, September 9, 2015

Beijing urged to be transparent with its financial decisions in light of market turmoil
South China Morning Post, September 9, 2015

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

反家暴法草案首设人身安全保护令制度专家建议, 公安机关也应参与保护令执行 (Anti domestic violence draft law creates personal protection orders, experts suggest Public Security authorities be involved in enforcement)
Legal Daily, September 9, 2015

环保组织状告污染腾格里三企业请求法院判令三家污染企业恢复生态环境 (Environmental organization sues 3 businesses that polluted Tengger Desert, requests court to order them to restore ecology of environment)
Legal Daily, September 8, 2015

Chinese authorities detain some 20 herders amid Inner Mongolia drought protests
Radio Free Asia, September 9, 2015

Government Accountability (政府问责)

天津受灾业主:赔偿协议无排程无价钱 国企上司“劝说”签署 (Property owners afflicted by Tianjin explosion: No dates or price on compensation agreements, “coerced” to sign by seniors at SOEs)
South China Morning Post, September 10, 2015

Tianjin announces compensations for martyred firefighters' families
China Daily, September 10, 2015

China’s Communist Party considers code of conduct for senior cadres after purge of high-level officials
South China Morning Post, September 9, 2015

China says senior official visited Interpol to push graft fight
Reuters, September 9, 2015

上海将关闭超过150家工厂确保“迪士尼蓝” (Shanghai to close over 150 factories to ensure “Disneyland blue sky”)
Radio France Internationale, September 9, 2015中国/20150909-上海将关闭超过150家工厂确保“迪士尼蓝”

2014年8万多人得到国家司法救助 (80,000 people received State legal aid in 2014)
China Youth Daily, September 8, 2015

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

China assisted Pakistan on armed drone, say experts
Financial Times, September 9, 2015

Hong Kong (香港)

Occupy Central founder Benny Tai “not ruling out” legal challenge to HKU's decision to punish him over handling of donations
South China Morning Post, September 10, 2015

Pan-democrats team up at district level to push for Hong Kong reform as consensus agreed on talking to Beijing
South China Morning Post, September 9, 2015

Soccer fans' booing of Chinese national anthem sparks furor in Hong Kong
Radio Free Asia, September 9, 2015

Counterterrorism (反恐)

广东公安厅部署深化反恐维稳和社会治安工作 (Guangdong public security departments deploy personnel for intensified counterterrorism, stability maintenance, and social governance work)
Chinanews, September 6, 2015

男子编造虚假恐怖信息“资阳车站有炸弹”被拘 (Man who spreads false terrorism threat of “bomb at Ziyang General Bus Station” is detained)
Chinanews, September 6, 2015

湖南两人散布恐怖分子要炸炼油厂谣言被拘(图) (Two in Hunan detained for disseminating rumors that terrorists plan to bomb an oil refinery)
The Paper, September 6, 2015

Bangkok bomb linked to East Turkestan Islamic Movement, as Chinese media stops downplaying issue due to sensitivities over Uygurs
South China Morning Post,

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

媒体观察:北京学者:不是人坏 而是制度才出法西斯 (Media Watch: Beijing academic says It is not people who are bad but the system that creates fascists)
Voice of America, September 10, 2015