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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

DAILY NEWS BRIEF FOR November 24, 2004

Top news of the day

Media – Press freedom

Reporter sacked after participating in a US conference
Voice of America, November 24, 2004


Death penalty
Bus driver executed for injuring 24 primary students
砍伤24名小学生 贾庆友今日被枪决
Nanfang City News, November 24, 2004  

Murderer of an elderly and a pregnant woman executed
Nanfang City News, November 24, 2004

Car repairing company owner sentenced to death for abusing a worker to death
惩罚员工致人死 老板被处死刑, November 23, 2004

June 4th
China to EU: make the right choice
SCMP, November 24, 2004

Labour – protests and petitions
Hundreds protest at Shenzhen plant
SCMP, November 24, 2004

Labour – union
Wal-Mart agrees to allow workers to set up union
SCMP, November 24, 2004

Media – internet
China’s control over internet
中国的网络封锁, November 24, 2004

Internet changes the Chinese politics
中 國 熱 點 : 網 絡 改 變 了 中 國 的 政 治
Apple Daily, November 24, 2004

Others - Xinjiang
Xinjiang movement activists criticize China of political brainwashing in Xinjiang
疆运组织指中国在新疆展开政治洗脑, November 23, 2004