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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

人权组织:十八大期间至少两访民死亡 (Rights Groups: At Least 2 Petitioners Died during 18th Party Congress)
Deutsche Welle, November 19, 2012人权组织十八大期间至少两访民死亡/a-16389412

异议作家李必丰被判刑12年 (Dissident Poet Li Bifeng Sentenced to 12 Years for "Fraud", Friends Say Conviction Due to Writing, Funding Dissidents)
Deutsche Welle, November 19, 2012异议作家李必丰被判刑12年/a-16389523

For more on Li Bifeng, see Liao Yiwu's Acceptance Speech for the 2012 Kapuściński Award for Literary Reportage:
为他人的自由而写 ——2012年卡普钦斯基国际报导文学奖答谢词
Writing for the Freedom of Others
China Rights Forum, 2012, no. 1


重庆被劳教村官任建宇获释 称变得特别不自信 (Ren Jianyu, Chongqing Village Official Ordered to Reeducation, Released, Says He Has Come to Lack Confidence)
China Youth Daily, November 20, 2012

For more on Ren Jianyu, see:
Man Sent to Labor Camp for Subversive Comments and T-shirt Files Lawsuit
Ministry of Tofu, October 15, 2012


Growing Urban Populations a Big Challenge
China Daily, November 20, 2012

Protests and Petitions

福安骚乱民众指交警滥权执法 (Fu'an, Fujian: 50 Detained in Mass Riot against Traffic Cop's Excessive Law Enforcement)
Radio Free Asia, November 19, 2012

Rural Issues

Rural School Pupils Drop to 10-year Low
China Daily, November 20, 2012


Tibetan Town Shaken by Six Self-immolations in One Week
The Hindu, November 19, 2012